• hammer643

    What an idiot! Its a dam mouse. Kill it.

  • Wiseman

    At 0:46 you see the poor thing run across the path onto the grass where the hawk comes and pics it up!

  • Banjo Bob

    Everyone is saying it was a Hawk…. Looked like an Owl to me

  • RetiredChief

    Wait… the mouse ran into the brush and trees. I watched the video at least a dozen times. The mouse never crossed the blacktop sidewalk and the hawk landed on the opposite side of the sidewalk. I think the hawk picked up something else.

  • RetiredChief

    ooops…I take that back.. He was farther down the path than I was looking. Tough break mouse. KCCO

  • https://www.facebook.com/eryn.beddoes Eryn Beddoes

    Oh my God! You're recyclables aren't sorted

  • TheDude

    How come people aren't jumping on this guy like the folks that let the Bobcat out of the trap? 😉

  • kenny

    This is why the ARMY doesn't want air force transferring to them. The airfarce has too many feelings. If he was army he would have eaten that thing whole

  • Dkxkckxd

    I guess there is such thing as a free lunch!

  • A2_tha_MFK

    "A" for effort though! Good on him, nice to see a human do something positive for nature once it a while (rather then the usual), even if it did end badly.

  • Adam Warlock

    All I know is I'm never going to watch the Kroll show even if there is a gun to my head.

  • Force Kin

    The 2 hamsters I let go 35years ago near the dam are still alive now. Not the originals obviously. Kids are always spotting them

  • supajupa

    Hahaha, that's so wrong. Poor bro did a good deed and it ended up being the circle of life. Ah well, at least the mouse didn't suffer and the hawk got to live another day happy.

  • Did

    Live free or die hard

  • whale huntr

    Release a mouse into an open field… *genius*

  • Folkskygg
  • Jan

    I dont know who I feel bad for more,the mouse or that poor guy :
    I also feel bad for myself for laughing…Now I'M the terrible person!!

  • Rose

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  • Beenthere,donethat

    Traditional dumb cadet stuff at West Point. I approve.

  • reda321

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  • geekofalltrades


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