A drunk guy on the subway belts out the drunkest rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody ever belted (Video)

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Dance like nobody’s watching, sing like you’ve been drinking heavily.

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  • dan

    That is too great!!!

  • Max

    Why would you delete the funniest video of 2013 (Russian Roads one) and keep crap like this one? Something wrong with your sense of humor…. :@

  • David

    How are people keeping a straight face? haha

  • Landon

    I cant believe everyone is actually ignoring this pretending like nothing is happening. WTF happened to people?

  • tommy boy

    That's why black folks don't mess with white folks.. they cray-cray.

    • jom

      how did no one join in and yell "let me go!!!"?!

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