F*ck (27 Photos)

  • chron247

    #9 That just plain sucks!

  • Quasi


    Laughed hard at this one…could totally hear the whiney redneck doing the whole chop suey karate yell with it.

  • doug

    #22 Damn Pringles made for carnies and their small hands! Make the can like a push-up pop you noobs.

  • jamie

    #5 Ya , that should do the trick !! #13 The Wedge NPB Calif

  • kelly

    #11 Somebody help the poor bastard out!

  • Zack

    #1 Even the cookie is sad.

  • seanster77

    I regret nohing too! How do I get some hing?

  • Mjonezy

    #25 made my heart skip a beat… i hate that shit

  • tap119

    #21-I've ruined a number of lab coats to that and I've almost been choked to death in the process. I hate that.

  • English_Rob

    I immediately regret this!

  • Pants


  • Bob

    #8 thats why i never use those crapass plastic scissors…

  • drwidowmaker

    #23 I hate when bikinis are wave resistant

  • Macro

    #9 That effing sucks.

  • RobbyRob901

    #10 is the funniest hands down

    • Canucks_Rule

      look up the youtube vid to hear it scream. lol.

  • Sappy

    #7 happens all the time when I mix my whiskey with cocaine..

  • Onoku

    #21 This happens to me all of the time

  • crazydog

    #20 thats apple software for ya..

    • matt

      Im glad somebody said it!

    • LazyJake

      Yeah, there's nothing like an update that's gonna take 245146 years to finish.

  • Norm

    Find #23 MOAR Please!!!MOAR!!!

  • guest

    #23 = Courtney Kitt

  • Anomanom

    #25 All the fucking time.

  • its_forge

    #23 it is entirely possible that this young woman was de-pantsed.

  • The Count

    21, 21 REPOSTS AH AH AH

  • http://www.facebook.com/DaPit85 Pete Pfister

    what are those things in #10? http://thechive.com/2013/01/14/fck-27-photos/gmq-

    • Jay

      red pandas

  • juliawhite2

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