Gaps make the Mondays a little easier (38 Photos)

  • Ballin


    • Fuck You

      First here, last in life. Forever alone….

      • Ballin

        You must be some kind of Internet gangster

        • Jack Wagon

          Hahaha ok Ballin, the "first" was really a douchey thing to do, but the second comment was great

    • guest

      Ballin is a complete loser.

  • dwc928s4


    • Ballin

      Try again

      • dwc928s4

        Dam…. You snuck in on me !

        • kekermahoney

          its a tie, you're both losers

  • TylerDerpen

    "I like big butts and I cannot lie."

    -Chinese proverb, Unknown author

    • A$$lover

      Except half of these girls don't have an ass at all.

  • Richard whisky

    #36 you are absolutely stunning, very gorgeous

  • em3

    #7 is definitely a Flbp candidate also

    • Inigo Montoya

      Now that's voluptuous

    • AssClown

      Irene Nell, from South Africa. My dong is patriotically standing firm and upright!!

    • GrayLord

      It's like winning the lottery AND euro millions!

      • YoMomma

        Sweet baby Jesus I'd drink her bath water and ask for seconds and thirds!…

    • fact

      shes fat

      • dad

        your mamma is fat

      • Boo

        You an idiot who must like girls that look like prepubescent boys.

    • lucid_eye

      can we have a curvy chivettes post yet?????

      • nenad


    • Notknowing

      She is PERFECT! Need moar squishy from her.

    • Ishbar

      #7 – You're welcome!

      • bdg

        #7 we need more more more and oh yeah MORE!!!!!!!!!!! A real woman!!!

    • USMC8654Justice

      built for breeding

    • L.O.

      Absolutely gorgeous..<3

    • zackgonick

      As much as I consider myself a butt and leg man, the top half of this picture is awe-inspiring.

    • MallyVonD

      nice one for the SOUTH AFRICAN flag too!! what a hunny!!

    • alexakos

      37# world war 3.

    • Spy

      Proudly South African

  • iFap

    Mm #24 back that Gap uup

  • Mike Hunt

    #28 I could hang out in that gap allllll day

    • BOOM!

      That gap and child bearing hips…perfection.

    • George jones

      Dat bootie doe

  • Freder

    #7 yes please!

  • #1paulafan

    Murray Monday Paula

    • Paula_

      – the one you love to hate

      • TU_Joe

        The only gap I want to see of you is between your head and shoulders….

        • Paula_

          I like the way you think ❤

          – the one you love to hate

    • 5280Blazin

      How dare you mention that name

  • John

    #28! #5!

  • Randall

    #11 WOW!!!!

  • Robert

    #37 is the stuff that dreams are made of

    • Broadbem


    • johnny bravo

      she better be great in bed and a good cook, cause her house keeping sucks. she is hot though.


      It's a trap!

    • Marco

      And porns…

    • Grumpy_Cossack

      You dream of pig pens???

    • Arnold

      Nice room

    • Hunter

      Is the stuff wet dreams are made of

    • Genie

      Too skinny/eyebrowy/tranny/messy.

    • socket2me

      dreams of hamburgers :p

    • No Thanks

      A bulimic like this is the stuff dreams are made of. If the one dreaming happens to be a sexually confused pedophile.

  • LoyalLAChiver

    is #27 Ashley Sky? If not, can you please run another special on Ashley Sky. Thanks.

    • Ashley Sky Gallery

      click my name for a nice gallery of her.

      • majorfathead

        well played


    Holy crap who's #7

    • L.O.

      I don't know who she is but she's fine enough to be my wife<3:*

      • Theo

        Glad to be South African

  • 2scoops

    Wheres that finger been..? #2

    • swstephen

      Don't know, but she's finger-lickin' good… and that's just the beginning! Nom-nom-nom!

    • BOOM!

      FIND HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • gnocco

      I thought she had fucked up lips for a minute there….

  • bz1

    #7 Gap, curves, bewbs and tush! MOAR!
    #8 & #28 Nice gaps and hineys! MOAR!
    #21 Nice gap! Tush?
    #38 Nice gap!

  • Kroger_Security

    #29 absolutely gorgeous

  • masiisam

    #37….Ehhhh fucking gross….not her…but the background…

    • loonytik

      Plus a boob tattoo….classy.

    • Sike Meharrd

      She can't clean her room. She only has 1 arm give her a break

    • mind blown

      How the hell did you notice the background?

      • tadaamm

        She's too skinny to block it.

    • freezer boy

      who cares about the damn room? I'd screw her so hard her ancestors would cum!

  • carl

    #37 uhhh…nice room?

    • Mr PiP

      I don´t know which disire is bigger, just hugh her or helping her clean this mess up!
      btw, in the lower right corner next to her leg… is it just me or does it look like a golden/brown vibrator?

      • Alan Rex

        She's too busy making herself throw up after every meal. That doesn't leave much time or energy to clean the room. But in an odd way it fits. A fukced up mess standing in front of a fukced up background.

  • John

    i wish these picture were the scratch and sniff kind

    • Broadbem

      I nearly shat myself…..

    • Marco

      Find Waldo!

  • jmonster

    #7 I fucking love South Africa! And #38 has one of the hottest little thigh tattoos I've ever seen. Damn!

    • Kris

      #38 It's just drawn on to see what it would look like, but I told her that she should definitely get it

      • jmonster

        Good work! It suits her sexy little legs very well

  • BuffaloJustSayin

    #28 Mmmm, mmm. Front and back, very nice.

  • beantown

    #2 The first thing I would do to you is…feed you

    • RobboJohn

      The woman is fucking hot. And you want to feed her?

      • Alan Rex

        That woman is built like a starving 3rd grader. If you find that hot you need help. STAT.

        • RobboJohn

          Listen mother Teresa, the girl is obviously healthy enough to make her way to the pages of the Chive, likely other places.

          They don't have to be built like a double wide, like you are to look good. And second why do you reply to such an old comment? No life to live?

          Get a life

  • Illchive

    #6 would get a couple good tips if i was eating there

    • beantown

      just the tip?

    • OmahaDude

      When the term "perfect" ass gets thrown around, I think most of us can agree that this should be the standard by which all others should be judged…

    • Machew

      That's a gap I could really get behind. This post would have been better with this picture 38 times….amazing whoever you are!

    • bin

      id ratchet strap that ass to my face

  • sfb101

    #7 & #18 Love those curves!

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