It’s not the 60’s or 70’s, this is the 2014 Corvette Stingray (36 Photos)

  • proud canadian

    You fags drive something better ? I highly doubt it. Probably live with your parents still and drive their fucking mini van! This thing is sweet as fuck!

  • one nut

    A rabbit was walking in the woods, when he fell into a pit and could not get out. He screamed for help, when his squirrel friend appeared. The squirrel whipped out his penis, which was long enough to reach the bottom of the pit. The rabbit climbed out on the squirrel's penis.

    The next day, the squirrel fell into the pit. He screamed to the rabbit for help. When the rabbit appeared, the squirrel said, "Rabbit, unleash your penis, so I can climb out". The rabbit said, "squirrel, my penis is not large enough, but I'll be back". The rabbit returned, with his Corvette. Tied a rope to the end, and pulled the squirrel to safety.

    Moral of the story? If you have a big penis, you don't need a Corvette.

  • Matt C

    I'd love one. But people would just say, "Look at the Old Fart in the Stingray…" :-/

  • Robert Meutsch

    maybe a lil overdone… but a fun ride, i'll bet!

  • dunno

    Looks like a Camaro buttfucked the design.

  • which one?

    #2 The new Camaro! – oh, no, it's a Corvette!

  • Robert John

    The Stingray is pretty badass.

    It killed Steve Irwin after all.

  • Mama Char

    Like the original Stingray better!

  • Douglas DeNunzio

    going to a show like this might work

  • Douglas DeNunzio

    or newer models will work us

  • corvetteguy

    I got the 2014 corvette video here.

  • Arod529

    7 Spd? Hell yes!

  • Frank

    Yank tank, doesn't even look like the stingray, just another Corvette….

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