Life’s tough, get a dog (45 Photos)

  • @Richteriano

    #44 True friendship

  • burkhard

    #26 I will marry you!

  • Matt

    #6 best picture in the gallery.

    • Jake

      Go Bison!

  • Jaal

    Nº 29 is like amish porn – my brain is convinced she isn't wearing anything under those puppies.

  • tbjacobs

    #29 Because squishy.

  • jshiver15

    I'll say it . .

    . . THIS > Cat Saturday

  • Dr. Gonzo

    This reminds me. I havent called Michael Vick a cocksucker today. So yea…..Vick…Your a cocksucker!!!

    • Vick


  • Stick

    How is this a dog?

  • jamie

    #6 My owner put a Douchy hat on me once …….ONCE !!!

  • Shawn

    #39 looks like the creature from Never Ending Story!

  • Leigh

    #6 Go Bison! and Cute Pup!

  • John

    a fur coat, only better

  • MattKL

    #2 When this thing hits 88 miles-per-hour, you're gonna see some serious shit.
    #42 And on that day, not a single fuck was given.

  • Alex

    #32 hot!

  • derp

    #38 "Slow down, you'll kill us all!!!"
    "Um, we are still in the parking space"

  • Random Guy

    Look at #30 , standing there, like a young Rory Calhoun

  • sarc

    #43 who is the other dog?!!!

    • steven

      Hey the "other dog" is my daughter's dog who lives in Boston. The dog with the baby is Baily – "B" to his friends and Mr. B to everybody else. He is a rescue dog that my daughter found while in college in Tampa and when she moved away, Dad got the honor of taking care of him. The little girl is Indiana – yep, thats her name – she spends time every week with her grandmother and me.

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  • zgl

    #30 – behold, king of the b!tches.

  • Brady

    My name is Jonas, and I am carrying the wheel thanks for all you've shown us this is how we feel

  • Astral207

    Amazingly my baby doll still hasn't been posted

  • Paul

    #26 the girl is absolutely beautiful. Please find her and her cute ass dog

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