So, I saw a sign from God…(28 Photos)

  • beerich

    All translated: "Give us your money"

  • B-to-the-H

    #16 – I agree. Luke found his in Bespin. But at least on Maury you won't have to risk losing a hand.

  • Jesus Christ

    Not cool #2. Don't make me come down there #9. #20 I'll count it. #14 That's what I told Mary Magdaline. #1 I don't like hipsters. Go home #5 you're drunk. #27 Mormons have no soul, you heard it here. Keep putting up signs like #23 and I'll burn your house down. #13 #18 Truth.

  • AptivaDave

    #7 That's my hometown and where my folks go to church…

    And…I remember when that was posted on the sign. I feel like a little part of me also made the Chive!

  • josh

    #27 the reason the bigbusiness of god should be taxed.

  • Spicy

    #14 and…. NO

  • curmudgeon

    you really need to do some research before you put up your posts. not some but MOST of these are not real. they're from a site that allows one to make these kind of signs, as has already been pointed out twice earlier. but then you probably don't read any of the feedback, which shows you just don't give a hoot.

    • Fuman Zybar

      Did you say something?

  • Irish-Man

    #1 Go Edmonton LOL.

  • zackgonick

    This is soooo awesome! One of the best original galleries I've seen in a while!

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