What in the holy Hell is wrong with this world? (45 Photos)

  • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

    No wonder why European girls like American guys.

    • halfsmoke00


      • Fuckrussia

        #1 #2 #3 #4…. #44 #45 and all between, douchbags

    • Billy

      Fucking shoot me…………….

    • Harry Longbahls JR

      One picture of this disgusting crap would have sufficed. Didn't need 50. Thanks for nothing chive!

      • Forty five


    • Visitohr

      I never met a fellow european girl who prefers an american guy though.

      • grim

        That's true. Same like European men don't want American women.

    • Zeta

      • high five!

        holy fuck that was perfect

  • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

    What? No Rex Ryan "footage"?

  • sfb101

    They learned this from watching my cat…

    • hmm

      Or your cat is Western European

    • momo19256

      My old cat use to do that and i swear he was getting high off it lol.

  • KeepCalm


  • Snailpoo

    That's some weird shit.

    • Joe

      Waste of 2 minutes

      • 5280Blazin

        DIS-FUCKING-LIKE Chive.

        NO, BAD CHIVE, NO!!!!!

        Now repeat after me, "I will not make stupid shit posts again, I will not make stupid shit posts again."

  • halfsmoke00

    Whats disturbing is the fact that there are more photos of this than there are in the Find Her post… WTF chive?

  • Matt

    da fuq?

    • 5280Blazin

      Seriously what the hell is this shit Chive? Was it supposed to be funny? Odd? What. Mostly what I got from it was maybe I need to find another timekiller website. I would rather work than look at this crap. Back to work I guess……….. thanks for the disappointment Chive.

  • Team America


    • mitter78

      derka derka?

      • Tijn

        Mohammed Jihad

        • Stiffy13

          We have 3 terrorists running down backalacka st!

  • Lucas_Schmidt

    Good Lord, help me to forget what i saw.

  • Starsfanatic

    #17 I guess you would have to be stoned to do this!

    • Jen

      i kept smelling feet the whole time i looked at this. ew.

  • em3


  • Trig

    You dare judge after giving the world Hipsters?

    • yes

      Yes I do. That's nasty

  • chron247

    #20 I can see it now… Some strange new bacterial plague is going to hit Western Europe and people are gonna wonder where it came from and how it started. Here is your answer folks! That is just f#ckin gross. Can't we just go back to planking.

    • Theresia

      I mean.. you know he has been in a public bathroom with those on his feet.. and now he is licking them.. Europe needs to put a little chlorine in their gene pool…

    • 5eagles

      93% of the bottom of one's shoe has fecal bacteria on it. So, this could happen.

  • Dan

    I thought this was something people grew out of when they were like 7, I did.

    • Mike

      You enjoyed sniffing shoes at the age of 7…

  • http://cinemaplastique.tumblr.com MigraineBoy

    #13 Must be a french invention…

    • Kzo

      Never saw the movie "A Fish Called Wanda'?

    • SpaceCowboy

      Well I'm French and I never heard of that!

  • HerrOberst

    #25….Ice Ice Baby!!!

  • Yuppp

    Dude, gross.

  • blobbob

    If they're calling them "sneakers", they're not European. Sorry to disappoint, but only Yanks call 'em that.

    • mcboh

      actually no, in western europe these are also called sneakers.. i know that, because im from germany… sorry to dissapoint you bro.

      btw, i have never heard or saw something like that shoe smelling…

      • Jen

        Well in the UK we called them trainers…… so this is from Germany?

    • Hunter

      And not everyone from America is a Yankee either. Yankees from a specific region of the United States. If you called a Southerner a Yankee you're likely to get yourself shot. Ignorance.

  • howie felthersnatch

    I….don't……what….the..fuck europe!!!

    • http://twitter.com/cynical_0ne @cynical_0ne

      One picture had a guy drinking Miller. That's not Europe.

      • Mark

        That doesn't mean anything, you can also drink Heineken in the US which is a Dutch beer brand. Although I will admit that it is not easy finding a Miller in Europe.

        But I'm European, Dutch to be exact, and I've never heard or seen this before. Europe is not a country, it is a continent. Don't generalize what happens in one country for an entire continent.
        Milking for example was primarily done in the UK. This could just be another stupid trend which will not even last a month or two.

  • Chris

    Let's pretend like this doesn't exist and never speak of it again.


    #44 are you serious bro?

  • El_Daveo

    The joint in #17 is the only thing that makes sense in this whole post

  • http://www.yougottagged.com rixbury

    What was the one called again where you are in your swim attire in the snow?

  • Soup

    Jason Acuna (wee man) the only person who looks cool foot to face!

  • KeepinCalm

    #31 #11 proof that there's someone for everyone out there

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