Amazingly this isn’t Photoshopped, these animals exist (15 Photos)

Via Oddee

  • Tiber_Septim

    #4 I would hate to have the food bill for this dog

    • james

      it does look starved.. poor thing

      • Drew

        They most likely have to keep his weight lower to prevent joint damage. I seriously doubt that the people who are known to have the world's largest dog are underfeeding it.

        • D McGee

          I can only imagine the biohazard coming out of the butt from this dog

        • Bud

          ….serious joint damage. Poor thing looks uncomfortable just standing there.

      • Chivette

        There has actually been a lot of debate about this dogs weight. From what I've seen of this pup, it is in fact underweight and unless it has some form of illness the public isn't aware of then the only ones to blame are the dogs owners (although I'm sure this has been brought to their attention). Being an owner of a very large great dane who is 5 now I can tell you that this is NOT normal and the only time it is even maybe a little acceptable is when the dog goes through a growth spurt thus burning an enormous amount of calories and it can be hard to catch up from that. It is expensive to feed a dog of this size, but that's not an excuse.

        • Cunt

          Shut up bitch. Do not speak of things you do not know.

    • Akc nazi

      Perfect breed standard right there. Most dogs are the perfect size when a few ribs show. No dog should be fat or eat grocery store dog food.

      • k t

        A few ribs???? I see all of them and the hip bones and the spine. He is very underweight. My mom has a Great Dane so I am not unfamiliar with the bread.

        • MylesofStyles

          I don't care if your mom's a Great Dane, no person should live on bread alone.

  • ston

    All these new pokemon are getting ridiculous now

    • Wtf

      Bone eating snot flower go!!!

    • Jesus Christ

      You win the internets

  • SuperiorTo8

    #9 Australian spiders. Giving you something nice to look at…
    Before they kill you horribly

    • Dave

      Just like my ex…

      • James


    • Tony G

      These ones fly. You read that right. THEY FUCKING FLY!

    • Michele
      ^Even if they were dangerous, they're tiny enough to crush easily. Thank goodness…

  • lat297

    #11 I bet all his door frames at home are wrecked…

  • halfsmoke00

    #10 Grumpy Cat has a new nemesis.

    • Anonymous

      A nemesis that looks like a vacuum bag

      • thatguy

        vacuummite, a gas mask pokemon

    • Anonymous

      Bitch please, #8



    • chive still rules

      That's what I was thinking. Still cool nonetheless, they are only so many and the internet is so vast.

  • Hostile 17

    Australia you got to love it

    • Lower

      Love the Scaredies

  • Nope

    None of these exist

    • Pedro

      Orly? You're sure if that? Care to place a bet?

    • Lev

      You don't exist.

    • urmom

      Ur mom

    • Bob

      there is no spoon.

    • NikkeD

      you're an idiot

  • Grouch

    Awesome! #7 ftw on this Tuesday

    • Jesse

      "Fuck you, Monday! See you next week."

  • rickacha

    #8 that's an ugliest mother effer fish YO.

    • Kev

      Ever see an angler fish?? Not so much ugly as it is terrifying– cod fish is another funny looking dood.

  • G_Had

    #14 is known as the fastest-eating mammal for it can identify and eat a piece of prey in 120 miliseconds. Look it up.

    • TheVanityScore

      this has to be the scariest fuckin thing ive ever seen.

  • Bitchface

    #4. Somebody please feed that dog before we start hearing a Sarah McLachlan song in the background!

    • Herod

      Learn about the breed before spouting off ignorant nonsense. Let's give the dog joint damage to the point where he can't walk because of the weight on his legs! Great idea!

      • Weagle

        You must not be a McLachlan fan.

      • megan

        Well I know about the breed and yes being overweight could be harmful that dog is almost emaciated! He should not have his hips and spine sticking out like that! That is horrible!!!

  • @Sir_chivealot

    #10 looks like the bag inside of my vacuum

    • Mike

      That's so cruel you still use bagged vacuum cleaners?

  • Paul A.

    #8 Hey look it's Paula!

    -fan testimonial,
    I hate you bitch go away

  • HiItsMe

    Proteus anguinus: a small lizard / fish living in only a few caves in Slovenia.
    Check it out:

    • BorderJ

      Nice discovery foreigner

    • Kev

      Wow I totally checked that out– if I was in a cave with my legs in water and that thing brushed up against me I'd probably let out a screech so loud that the fucking thing would cave in one me (that is, after I've defecated all over myself)

  • I 20 animali più strani del mondo - Giornalettismo

    […] è photoshop, questi animali esistono davvero. La natura a volte è molto più sorprendente di quanto […]

  • Grant

    Thanks a lot chive, now I gotta go cry in the corner again.

  • Aidan

    #8 Poor Tasmania, even the internet doesn't consider you part of Australia 😦

    • Anonymous

      But it has some of the most amazing creatures, like the Tasmanian Tiger and Tasmanian Devil (I mean, it's called devil for gods sake)

    • aussie chiver

      FYI Tassie also produces some chivers!!


    GO PATS!!!

  • Takingbackcider

    #5 Looks like something from a shitty Sy-Fy movie.

    • That guy

      And I thought Captain Crunch was bad.

    • Flux

      Imho this was part of a article sometime in 2012 and this, while not a photoshop, is a model made based on one mans theory rather than an accurate depiction of what this animal looked like. I can't be bothered to look up the article, but as far as I remember they basically just found a long thin jaw piece with basically one long line of teeth and then theorized how that could've worked out.

      • Static

        considering that the only thing on a shark that would survive is its jaw… yeah.. its all guesswork

      • Pvtdeth

        Theyʻre not even sure the fossil is sharkʻs teeth. It could be from a completely different animal.

    • Mike

      You mean you didn't like Megasharkocroctopus vs. Godzilla and friends?

  • TotesAwesome

    Fuck me, now I have the heebie jeebies.

  • NebraskaGuy

    #3 Hold up man, I need to visit the crapper! I've got a turtle head poking out

    • Yuppp

      Looks like honey boo boo's birth.

  • glw


    Should be a mascot

  • Steve Grenier

    #6 may have great climbing skills, but even he knows he's fucked in that picture.

  • saltygary

    #3 looks like a plucked turkey.

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