American beach rugby is why I wrap myself in the flag and have a bowl of whiskey cereal every morning (55 Photos)

Little pink houses ‘n’ shit. Enjoy.

  • jugger-nuggss

    #51 now kiss

  • John

    #34 Excellent takedown. Perfect form +10 points

  • matt


  • Dave

    #39 that's a framer

  • eric Baird

    #55 good lord find her!!

  • AnItalianChiver

    It's time for a hot girls in bikinis Six Nations Championship.

  • freddy boy

    #38 #55 These compensate for the things missing here that you find in mens' rugby; blood and dead bodies.

  • pimpninjaa

    #9 #35 that's some hot girl on girl action right there

  • Thomas

    Two questions immediately come to mind, where did this take place and why was I NOT informed?

  • Trance

    Flat back booties..

  • Jackie

    I love how the photographer zoomed in on some flat asses..that sucks

  • Dapper_Dave

    #5 #7 #19 Am I the only one who thinks these asses are flat and unimpressive?

  • Anna

    ok speeking as a girl who actually plays rugby, there are so many things wrong with this…played for 4 years, been on many 7s, 10s andunion and league tours so have seen many female rugby players and the very limited number that have those kind fo firgues tend to also be sporting a black eye and gashed up legs, sorry to burst the bubble! and like you would never ever play a proper contact sport without a shirt, your shoulders would be a mass of blue veins and you would have no teeth if you played without a gum shield, one wearing a belly bar, thats massively inconsiderate and frankly stupid as it would be ripped out in 5 minutes!

    • ConcernedCitizen

      Agreed. Those girls are too hot and too pierced to be actual rugby players.

    • Aline

      This is just to get guys attention. Whitegirls do that a lot .

  • Eric

    I don't like big huge asses but these girls are experiencing a case of Noassatall !! Nice ass has to be up and plump. not flat and saggy

  • Chief_Drew

    Where can we buy tickets. The bleachers look a little empty.

  • theo huxtable

    this looks like a dumb fuckin sport and a waste of time to watch…..hey lets go watch a bunch of uncoordinated women try to act tough and look cute

  • RedHotChivette

    Yeah that looks like fun! Would suck the amount of sand you get in your eyes… and cooter!

  • R Nolan

    10 years from now people will be saying "I remember when we used to waste our time watching men play rugby".

  • LuCheezy734

    #37 Please… No need to say anymore

  • Kato

    #33 #34 Nice takedown. My kind of girl.

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  • canadianchiver

    this is insanely hot! omg where can I buy tickets?

  • Ant

    Photo 16 background bitch tits no shirt loser… shirts refs??

  • the GIPPER

    makes me want to SCRUM

  • Daniel

    It sucks how so many beautiful girls have bones for butts. Get some meat on ya girls!

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