• Danny Boy

    Next time just link to the Youtube video Chive.

  • FireDroid

    Only if the room was turning, this could have been a jamiroquai video. Love the moves girl. Skills and looks, double threat.

  • @chivemeetups

    Loved this video. Just a side note to everyone and I don't know if this is a place to put it but we put up a fan club for The Chive at We wanted to see how many Chivers were in our local area. We are going to be hosting Chive Meetups at a local bar once a month. You can do the same.

  • Buckethead

    she's sexy, maybe some vids of all these honeys dancin

  • Hal

    you guys have seen catgrrove right?!

  • Steve

    Post MOAR please, well done little lady. I so enjoyed that.

  • creatingmanu

    Step 1: Play video in youtube (
    Step 2: Pause video
    Step 3: Hold space bar
    Step 4: Enjoy bouncing slow-motion

  • scoise maloise

    never been more turned on in my life. fact.

  • Nick

    Song is Parov Stelar- Booty Swing.

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  • Patrick Shaun Spaugy

    That's great

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