I love squinting wishfully at girls I can’t see clearly (31 Photos)

  • john m

    Good Post! What I could see!

    • Frank M

      Photoshop to the rescue!

  • kjsnd


  • Carl

    #30 Fuck you flash!

    • Ishbar

      This is the perfect example of "squinting wishfully"

    • mike honcho

      My thoughts exactly

  • That guy

    #14 looks like violaceous
    #21 I do believe your implant is showing

    • lucid_eye

      #14 is very alluring and may be V girl

    • john


  • pimpninjaa

    #31 I say god damn that's hot!

  • Clayton Bigsby

    #5 give me 3 maybe 4 minutes….

  • Jaro

    #25, #26, #20


  • jmdmn

    #8 I can clearly see all I need to see here…

  • John

    Omg #17 find her

  • McTex

    #7 Window blowjob?


    Everything about #25 is perfect.

  • varsityslc

    #17 gorgeous

    I know you can't see these girls very well but please will you find moar? Everyone viewing the gallery would appreciate it. Thanks!

  • Stinky Dog

    #9 soo gorgeous, but i think her bra is a little bigger than her boobs…

  • damn

    #, #17, #19…. are outstanding!

    • damn

      #5 that is…

  • James

    #17 moar!!

    EPT Chiver!!

  • laxfan

    #2.. when you see it

    • john smith

      see what

    • lucid_eye

      I don't think you are seeing what you think you are seeing. That would be in the wrong place.

      • john smith

        stilll confused as fuck

    • LBChiver

      Nothing to see here. Move along.

    •   a

      Her hand looks like Abe Lincoln.

  • Epitomizer

    #6 Have mercy! What a tushy!

  • Pom

    #11 Trololol !

    • Telephone Man

      Lingerie by Frederick's of Chernobyl.

  • CosmoKramerTheAssMan

    #17 #19 #31 are gonna make my day go MUCH better now…


  • Cpt Obvious

    Find! #26

  • Canucks_Rule

    #6 why hello there.

  • BigPapaPump

    #7 and #13, I'm sure I could figure out what to do with you!

  • lucid_eye

    I didn't realize Paula had enough room in her basement for that many chivetts. Can you bring a couple of lights with you next time you bring the camera down there? I am sure you can run them off the car batteries you use for shocking their intimate areas.

  • Raptor725150

    #11 Nice touch. It will go nicely with the glow in the dark condoms.

  • Raptor725150

    #19 MOAR! Please find this goddess.

    • Awesome

      tiffany d'gore – nsfw

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