• steve

    Its fake, turns left on the tv but when he looks out the window car is turning right, plus the gap between the cars closed way too fast, nice try though. Plus no spotlight outside the window

  • CHA

    Come on, people. The car on the TV turned left. The car out the window turned right. While it could be the same chase, these events are not in sync.

  • Guest

    Here's the SoCalPolicePursuit video… check out towards the end near 13:00 minutes in relation to this guys video… Looks legit!

    • Guest

      Well here it is:

      • Jeremy

        Great find!. Just to prove it, there is a guy standing on the right side of the second window wearing a red, white and black shirt. He's easy to miss, all you can see is the shirt. He's also there in the cop video wearing the same shirt.

        Definitely legit, just on a delay.

  • GrrGirl

    Who else thought of the scene from the Goonies???

  • DJ Davis

    I think it's legit
    1. six cops cars are shown in the video when newscaster says "they're they all are" – six cop cars turn the corner in real life.
    2. you can see the helicopter light out the window.
    3. you can here the sirens get louder because they're approaching the house, seems reasonable to look out the window.

  • kush

    i could see someone in LA wanting a viral video bad enough to rent a couple fake cops and a car that looks enough like the one in the video

  • Michele

    I don't find it hard to believe it's real. It looks like the story had already been playing for a bit, so as soon as he recognized the area, he probably got excited, grabbed a camera and started filming. If I saw areas I recognized near my house during a cop chase, I'd record it too!

  • Ben

    It's real, I am a pilot for the helicopter that filmed it.

  • Canucks_Rule

    is this like an everyday thing in la?

  • mesohorny

    why is there a white person in inglewood

  • bigmak

    its real but the live streaming is delayed

  • Bion

    Nice wire in the windows. Inglewood is such a beautiful town.

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