• DannoTheManno88

    That's amazing! I wonder what would have happened if he decided to watch Star Wars instead.

    • Cookie

      ^one of the funniest comments I've read

  • Brian

    No way!

  • erick

    That is crazy!!!

  • fucked

    This happened to me once when I was watching porn

    • fucked

      no it didn't 😦

      • fucked

        …but I know a guy

        • sigh

          No you don't…

        • yeager

          That Veronica Von is one fine price of aaasssss

        • yeager

          that veronica von is one fine piece of aasssss

  • Cracka_ass_cracka

    That certainly escalated quickly

    • JuanZO

      Bob keeps using that meme, but I don't think it means what he thinks it means.

  • nananamatman


    • Jaro

      Yes! I was thinking the same thing, hah

      • Hunter

        Same here

  • drtyjrz

    Dude! Kudos for having the forethought to pick up the camera! This is one of those things where you could just tell the story. You went the extra mile. We salute you.

  • Mike

    Not believing it. Look at the distance between the car and the first cop car as they turn the corner.

    • That Guy

      Exactly what I was going to say. People are way too gullible.

      • zack

        Yep, this is totally fake, unless all of those cop cars closed in record time.

    • Static

      its called a delay… live TV has a delay.. not only from the camera to the studio… then they add a delay (in case they need to stop it) then, from the studio out to the satellites to your house. lol… everything is fake.

    • Z_b

      ye watch this after 1:50 and see what he says about delay

      • Holden McGroin

        Shocking. I can't remember when the Dow was up to 13,400…

    • trolled

      dude "live TV" is always delayed about 30 seconds. for one, it's simply not possible to broadcast in real time — the signal has to travel through numerous stops between the helicopter and your TV, it's not going to be instantaneous… second, networks insert a delay in case they need to dump the signal if somebody curses or flashes their tits at the last second.

      pause it at about 31 seconds — as he pans from the street to the left, you can see in the broadcast that the cop is caught up and just starting to make the turn.

      you suck.

  • sweetlew

    viral video for the new grand theft auto?

  • Dingle berry

    It's like they knew it was coming.

  • ajt425

    I think its fake, it looks like the car is driving down a four lane road on tv but when he turns by that guys house it is on a single lane road. Now pause the video as he pans from the first window to the second and you can stil see the car in the middle of that four lane road on tv

    • Steve

      But then how do u explain the car chase in front of his house?

    • saltygary

      Probably just a tape delay on the TV. They transmit the video from the copter to the studeo to peoples homes. I don't think a ten second delay is hard to believe. Also if you look the car is the same vehicle without his lights on.

    • Zak

      Could have cop friends to have set this up for fun too

    • bkioki

      and this: car turning LEFT on TV, and on it`s right through window??

  • Kev

    I would have said the same thing

  • YEMX

    Thanks internet, I think everything is fake now. Its a holy sh!t moment but I feel it is a fake.

  • Mathlete

    So does this guy video tape chase scenes on the news often?

    • @Exile714

      How else do the Chinese get bootleg copies of our local news?

    • KCCOMN

      If there were a cop chase in my hometown, especially near my house, I'd probably grab the camera real quick. I mean, if even just to record a few seconds and post on Twitter as a "holy shit" moment.

    • derp

      probably just the ones that are happening in his neighborhood… i imagine he knows which street he lives on

  • Jeff

    you guys do know that police chases are not 100% live right? they have them on a delay, i forget for how many seconds, just incase things get sketchy, they can cut out in time…

    • Chuck Schick

      Like if Brent Musburger is commentating on hot chicks.

      • fernsyla

        not too much delay…fox aired a guy shooting himself in the head after running in the desert.

  • Mr. T

    the wire in the windows, makes me unsure if this is a safe neighborhood…

    • Los19

      Unsure? It's in Inglewood lol pretty sure it's not the safest

  • IrishInNJ

    Glad some people came to their senses. FAKE with a side order of FAKE!

  • saltygary

    His youtube channel has other videos of the car going past his corner multiple times

  • SnakemanDan85

    Pretty sure it's legit, fuckin crazy if it is!!

  • invalidusername

    wishes he was watching porn

  • TazeMeBro

    This is why I ALWAYS have a video camera in my hand when watching the news. Never know when something like this will happen, and you might get it on the interwebs.

    • red4

      This is why I ALWAYS have my dick in my hand. Never know when something like this will happen, and you might get it on the sheets.

  • Excellcior

    Hahaha America land of the felony!!

  • @mmmm_waffles

    Not fake, not only is there a broadcast delay like people have said…did anyone else bother to notice the car being chased in the video is THE SAME CAR that drove past his house? It's not rocket science…

  • Sme

    It's cool how this worked out for the guy and I am happy for him… but is it a thing to record your own TV the whole time with a handheld hoping that something interesting will happen you can put on youtube? Must be exhausting.

  • Guest

    Hory Sheet???? What the hell is hory sheet?

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