The first time Chivettes have come out to play (63 Photos)

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  • Eric

    #44 what have you been waiting for?!

  • AKChiver

    #40 Good Lord need MOAR!!!!

  • its_forge

    #50 no bra and perfect, beautiful titties showing right through but wearing undershorts she could wear to compete in televised sports. Confused now.

  • German

    #28 Now these are the fun bags I was looking for, if I look up the word perfection her picture would pop up

  • NHChiver

    #10 – You are AMAZINGLY beautiful! Please don't make this your last time….send MOAR!!

  • bodhisatva

    #16 rawr

  • N8tiveT3ch

    #46 words cannot describe someone so beautiful.

  • glw


    I would do it but those tatts look like something is coming out

  • clntber_fer

    what an amazing collection of first time chivettes! all you ladies look great!
    #4 and #28 please sir, can i have some moar?

  • Tim

    #32 Moar please! Beautiful Eyes!

  • TheFrontier

    #43 Find her! For a CO KCCOer

  • TJ0351


    Good googily moogily !!!

  • iloveboobies

    #28 + #40 = I want to be the meat in that sandwhich

  • Bobby

    #28 #40 NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM

  • NorCal420

    This post made my fucking day!

  • Dawg

    #12 hot damn!

  • Dave



  • freezer boy

    #62 works for me.

  • Rowdy_n_Playful

    #40! 1st pic, "Hmm…hot blondie…nice tats….great over the shoulder fuck me face…Epic Ass!"
    2nd pic, Whoa…wet blondie…then all of the above shit.
    Followed by several minutes of scrolling between pics 1 and 3.
    For the love of The Chive, you must find this amazing creature.
    Muchos Gracias!

  • bob

    #28… you make me want to fall down to my knees, kiss the ground that you have walked upon and thank god that I'm a man.

  • The Foley

    Even though this comment will get buried under pages of other comments #46 you are absolutely stunning.

  • Luke

    #7 #15

    Either of you around Dallas?

  • drewcypher

    #40 Just wow. Perfect example of what a first time chivette should post: Sexy bod + Big smile. (You get extra credit for the multiple shots).

  • Jake

    #21 and #12 I WANT!!

  • jamie

    #44 The Chivers will be GENTLE , if you Fucking went to sch.ool and learned some basic spelling

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