When the zombie apocalypse hits, you would hope to have makeup skills like these (21 Photos)

  • Brajole


  • Andrew KCCO

    I can't be the only person that would keep Jessica Biel in my basement so when a cure was eventually found we would fall in love and that beautiful hump would be all mine……… right?

    • lat297

      I think even a Zombie Apocalypse is a more likely scenario than what you've just said…

      • Andrew KCCO

        a guy can dream though right?

        • lat297

          That's why I gave you a thumbs up anyway 😉

  • James

    #2 #12 #13 Would not be Zombies, they would be dead. You cant be a zombie with major brain trauma, that's how you kill zombies!

    • Scoot

      That being said, were fucked then. Do you know how many people dont have a brain. Cant hit what ain't there.

    • Jesus Christ

      Details Details

    • Jesus Christ

      Arn't zombies already dead….

  • navydudeguy

    They're all pretty good but #21 takes the cake

  • lat297

    #21 BFM! Funniest scene in the whole movie…

    • HappyJack

      But why oh why did he go in there with alternate Michael Cera when everyone knew how jumpy that kid was????? This was also the saddest part of the movie because the world was deprived of all that post-apocalyptic humor that BFM would have provided…. 😦

    • yup

      Seriously who cares that much about Bill Murray. Why don't you guys just go pinch one off to the thought of him. Oh yea and I spell checked.

    • Yep

      "Do you have any regrets?"

      "Garfield maybe"

  • slimm

    #17 find!

    • Fent

      I wouldnt even consider it necrophiliac if she still looked this cute

    • HighAbove

      Girl from TO – Mary Klimkosz

  • Nerd

    #18 Supergirl taller than Superman? In what world.

    • Mike

      in bazzaro world!

      • Jesus Christ


  • F Liepkin

    #9. I'd still do her

    • FNG

      Thats kinda what i was thinking, looks hot. find her

  • mill

    number 9 , still would


    GO PATS!!!

  • http://60daysofhell.wordpress.com/ goldengekko1

    #20 brilliant version of 2face from batman very well made that is 😀

    • John

      Or any zombie movie

  • Get A Job

    I enjoyed those few years when cannibalism was frowned upon. I guess hipsters need something to post on instagram inbetween pictures of sushi.

    • Reality

      Maybe you should re-evaluate your life goals as well. You took the time to scroll though this post and comment on it. I guess trolls need something to do between eating hot pockets in the basement.

  • lat297

    I'm so glad you posted that! I'd been wasting my time scrolling through posts on The Chive but now your motivational comment has made me reassess my life and make some changes.

    Thank you for the valuable and often underrated service that you provide.

    • Spelling Police

      I just provided him with my bank account and Visa card numbers. Now I'm starting to get tons of UPS and FedEx deliveries to "hold" until I hear from some guy in Russia. I haven't seen $5600 yet, but I think it's all going to work out. (Fingers crossed).

  • 29er

    #21 Is there anything you regret? Garfield. Love this movie.

  • http://photoshopmade.com/ KateUptonZombie

    Nothing beats Kate Upton as a Zombie http://photoshopmade.com/2011/07/kate-upton-zombi

    • r00s7a

      Really? That sucks man. Nice tutorial if it is your first day playing with Photoshop.

  • big D

    #17, that girl is cute

  • Canucks_Rule

    #6 – eww.

    • Stephen

      Does anyone else think this guy looks like Dolph Lundgren?

  • monster

    I'm a little worried that I still find #3 hot.

  • NatMonsterr

    #11 didn't lay down their prosthetic edges well enough on the chest piece. A bit of liquid latex should fix that right up though 🙂

    • Jesus Christ

      Thanks Tom Savini

      • http://twitter.com/coralmonster @coralmonster

        looks like a vagina with a knife in it.

  • steve-O

    #17 she looks cute. can we get more of this beauty?

  • AnItalianChiver

    #17 she can eat me whenever she wants. Stunning eyes

  • huh

    Considering there will not be a zombie apocalypse ever….who fucking cares

  • von Mises

    Wow, a picture collection of Obama voters.

    • Guest

      Wow, another angry and clueless GOPer

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  • http://www.facebook.com/bachtiar.cirociroe Bachtiar Cirociro'e

    what are zombies vs split or peeling head

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