Work Happens (24 Photos)

Bored? Pulling hilarious pranks on co-workers? Don’t like your job? Send your photos to macthechive [at] gmail [dot] com.

  • Cracka_ass_cracka

    Wonder if #3 is hiring..

    • thedude325

      That dude watches so much porn that they actually gave him a job.

    • no one else noticed?

      #18 Is that the dudes from the Broken Lizard Comedy Troupe?

  • Nala


  • Arrrrrrrrrrg


  • David

    I miss "work sucks"

  • Nala

    First! Ok, that'll be the first and last time I do that. Sorry everyone. My inner loser wanted just one. And this thermos. And this chair. BUT THAT'S ALL I NEEDED!

    • IrishInNJ

      Consider it your "outer loser" now.

    • Bob

      and my dog, and thats all i need!
      come on shit, we're leaving!

  • Paula_

    Well not today it didn't. Your beloved Paula was snowed in! Snowed In!!1! I couldn't even go out and hunt for fresh Chivers so I had to abuse the ones from yesterday again!

    – Fan testimonial: "I never have a problem with Paula, it's like she's another poster, just more elaborate with strange things to say. Better than most folks who cut someone down and demand hot chicks. – Jacob Christie"

    • TheBAMFinater

      Day old chivers are not good for you.

    • Boss hawg outlaw

      Paula your a fat pig, who craves attention by being annoying. Go crawl back into the asshole you came out of.

    • Richy

      Have u ever typed a series of these !!!!!!
      Without one of these 1

      • Paula_


        – the one you love to hate

        • TheVanityScore

          how do you only have -118 votes? is that where it maxed out at?

          • Chive

            #14 I totally agree

    • ps86

      paula if your vagina had a password it would be "password"

  • @valorikx221


  • Jezza67

    #21 Hospitality work – just a casual few punches in the face from drunk shitheads. Still beats being a lawyer.

  • cum dumpster

    #3, There is a job title for what I do in my free time?

  • fng

    #21 dont be such a dick i guess.

  • Paula_

    #18 Meow there's a challenge I like! No problem!

    – Fan testimonial:every family has a paula. You know, the family member you would sell into slavery for a Snickers bar. Seriously…….i would sell you. – TommyD"

  • blue_bronco

    High as a kite

  • Falco09

    #23 I laugh at everyone in Starbucks ordering their triple pump latte extra whip cream caramel frappe mocchiatos. Give me a coffee, black. I guess my prize for ordering actual coffee is not having to wait for it.

    • bill nye

      I don't think whoever drew that graph really thought it out. As it is, the more people who like coffee there are, the more coffee is in the "coffee." Shouldn't that be the other way around?

      • gradaddy

        yep, X and Y axes should be swapped

    • crackinacup

      milk and diabeetus please, oh make it a 52oz refillable, AND some sghetti and butter while ur at it! Do I get a discount on apocalypse rifles with banana clips? No banana, make it a whole loaf of marble cake. Your all out of apocalypse rifles, well I'll be back at 3 with my coupon for more milk and diabeetus.

      there I said it, 52oz refillable

      • crackinacup


  • Chuck Schick

    #21 Works for Chris Brown?

    • Pokes

      Nah, he works for Rihanna as a bodygaurd.

  • Kev

    #14 Real en don't brag about being real men

    • Kev


      • Bob

        real men don't feel the need to correct themselves on the internet, they just recognize the mistake and move on.

        • Jroc

          The fact that you wrote this makes you a douche, Bob

    • chant

      BC guy is probly the newfies lil bitch thats why he had to get up!!

      • chocho

        "BC guy is probly the newfies lil bitch thats why he had to get up!!" – chant

        must be a butthurt newfie to me.

        i doubt he went up there because he was more of a man, but he went up there because the newfie was way to lazy to do it.

        • dentalgrl

          I agree the newfies aren't really know for their work ethic are

          • Urn

            And BC is known for bullshit trades, and construction certifications that no one likes to recognize.

          • SCiD

            Congratulations on continuing your ill-informed and MORONIC stereotype. Fucking idiot. and it's "knowN" For decades we were know for not having jobs because there were NO FUCKING jobs. NOT because we didn't want them. Tens of Thousands of Newfoundlanders left home each year TO LOOK FOR WORK. So how is that a poor work ethic? Maybe it is in your retard world. So how about looking up some fucking numbers and facts next time, before you open up your ignorant pie hole. Stupid bitch.

            Oh and here's a little education for you…don't worry, it's a video. you won't have to read..It's about the Newfoundlanders who helped build the skyscrapers of New York City

            — A 30-year-constantly-employed NEWFIE.

            • Izabye

              Don't worry about those friggin' arseholes b'ye. I'm not from NFLD but would be proud to be. One idiot from B.C. went up in a lift. Big whoopee. It was probably his turn and he bitched about it.
              I've worked with newfies all my life and they are the most fearless, hard-working, kind-hearted people I have ever met. I've never seen a Newfie refuse to do any work, ever.

            • stupidyuppie189

              I don't even know what u two are talking about, but I just watched Brave Heart and u guys were awesome in it

            • AB..

              Good god, I hope not as an english prof.
              Oh by the way, EI and CPP are not "Employment"

        • merv

          I know a chimp that would do this for a pack of smokes he's the hardest worker I know and from Newfoundland. Way to go frodo congrats on ur grade 10!

    • 6655321

      Wow. I have to do it.: Real men know when one should use the word "too".


    GO PATS!!!

    • Billy

      Fuck Brady's gay ass.

      • DickFister

        Not even with your dick

  • Bobert

    #2 Colorado has gotten out of hand

  • darkohanzo

    #20 ok so THESE are the droids im looking for?

    • Telephone Man

      Well played.

  • RichardWhiskey

    #24 as i watch 1000 ways to die
    You don't wanna do that

  • jim thorton

    Employer is actually following rules. See section about lowering all employee wages (distribute them to a wider group). (yea I read the whole thing). Person who posted that on the boss's sign didn't read it all. Anyway, stop stealing sharpies.

    • PEP

      Please explain. You might have read it but i dont think you understood it. Every employee would have to be stealing an equal amount of sharpies and after a $30 loss the employer would have to guarantee future loss. Instead of running the risk of legal action he/she should should just as well stop provide sharpies and let the employee provide there own. SHARPIES FOR EVERYONE!!!!!

      • CDM

        Jim is right, the difference in context reads that it would be unfair for the employer to decrease an employee's (singular/individual) wage to shelter from losses however a company has the right to decrease all employees (plural) salaries equally so that no individual employee is taking responsibility for the loss, regardless of whether an employee is equally responsible for the loss….

        However this is $30, Dave should probably just suck it up.

        • Matt (KCCO)

          as someone who also has had TONS of my pens/highlighters taken after i personally bought specific ones i like to use, after a while it gets to a point where you need to do something. Our employer provides us with pens/highlighters/markers/etc but they suck so i went out and bought a bunch of my own and people just took them right from my desk. If I had 20 new pens, 2 days later i was down to 5. It's annoying.

          • warmwoolenmittens

            Actually I specialize in bird law.

    • 0331

      How else do we make office X-wing fighters?

      • my thoughts

        I wouldn't work for such a cheap-ass boss. I'd quit the second I saw that posted, and i would tell my boss why i was before leaving. if the dude or dudes are intentionally jacking sharpies, that's messed up, but pens are pretty easy to slip into your pocket and forget about. that boss is a tight-ass.

  • Jesus Christ

    #2 Where are we supposed to smoke? #17 How bout a giraffe?

    • Murph1908

      Your response to 17 is called stepping on the joke.

      • Jesus Christ

        Indeed it is, but when stoned I tend to take pictures like that literally and ruin it for everyone. =/ Videos are my forte when toasted. I do apologize. Jesus rarely makes mistakes but owns up to them when he does. Example: It was a mistake to let Judas live when I had the chance to poison him during dinner. That didn't work out in my favor at all.

  • Alex

    #9 Dave, you just got owned. 🙂

  • sfb101

    #16 Awesome!

  • justin

    #21 you an Intern for Ike Turner?

  • NHChiver

    #21 – CHIVE ON, KEVIN!

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