Work Happens (24 Photos)

Bored? Pulling hilarious pranks on co-workers? Don’t like your job? Send your photos to macthechive [at] gmail [dot] com.

  • EvilDungbeetle

    #15 Look at that sad little octopus. He he!

    • Freeman

      Portal 2 for the win!

  • brandon


  • Tyler

    #14 Fuck that. Got to be good operator or you're fucked.

  • Csubi

    #14 but it's way more expensive to live in BC.

  • Campbell

    #14 So if there's so many "real men" from the west coast, why do they have to bring so many of us easterners out there to get the work done?

    NS Chiver

    • AB..

      Because we don't like shoveling shit. we would rather pay some flunky with a goofy accent to do it

      • Caper

        Maritimer's don't take shit from no one.

  • Luke

    #14 … they're to scared… or too scared?

  • brajette

    BC men are the best. As are the women! KCCO!

  • The Fixer

    #23 Forgot how to read or make graphs. The # of people who like coffee should be with there not being a lot of coffee.


    #5 Texas Whorehouse!

  • DavidNorthrop

    #18 for 20% I'll call someone a chicken f*cker

  • Tony G

    #9 /b/ happened. Sharpies in the pooper.

  • NHChivette

    #8… so sexy!!

  • chiveposterguy

    #23 – You inverted the coffee graph. Number of people should be on the X axis. Yes, it technically works that way, but usually a term like '# of people' is on the x axis.

  • paul

    #21 Probably a good idea to change jobs. At least NFL guys are well paid to get brain damage.

  • Bob

    #19 how many fucking times are you going to post this dam clock. *you* may have just found it recently and think its aweseomesauce, but its not new, its been out there before, and it was old then, older now, and lame the entire time.

    • Guest

      What are you talking about? They just took the pic at 5:35!

  • NewfieChiver

    #14 Pfft a hundred and thirty five feet eh? I can jump that high. Sincerely, a Newfie who has been teaching BC boys seamanship for 5 years.

  • notadick

    #23 Should be credited. It's from

  • alexnoes

    #2 and #5 must be the same work place

  • Keanuenue

    #8 Marry me!!!!!

  • Urn

    # 14- To the idiot up in that boom lift, never mind that the real men are from BC. The fact you even say that means you're either a douchebag, or hack tradesman, and you're excited because you were actually called upon this one time to put your bullshit skills to work. It's no wonder your trades and construction certs are hardly recognized in this country.

  • Canucks_Rule

    #14 – well done bc boy.

  • Newfie Chiver

    #14 ,,please if it weren't for east coast boys coming out west to do all the work, nothing would get done. we have all our work done out east, that's why there are so many of us out west, to do your jobs, lol KCCO

    • Ironwick

      You sick newfie fuck pack your bags we will give the only jobs your kind is capable of to the mexicans. They show up more and work ten times what you dirty donkeys do.

  • TheBetterMan

    #14 Don't have a dick swinging contest in the cold, you may get frostbite on something important
    Seriously though, just say your a badass and be done with it, no need to bash a group of people, keep it positive bro

  • SmokinLamb

    #14 Said no one ever.

  • Markpong

    Wow, really surprised nobody has mentioned the operating skill needed to pull off #1 that's pretty impressive!

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