You had ONE job (25 Photos)

  • Jason

    I love Chive's original content…..oh wait, this was on Reddit yesterday.

    • James

      Upvote for you….oh wait

    • sixdeadelves

      if you get everything you need from Reddit why do you keep coming here?

    • Jonathan

      Some of us only use cool sites like Chive.

      • Hara

        Go back to f*cking reddit.

    • my advice

      Doesn't matter, everything is shit anyway. thechive has had its day. Reddit is bollocks. The internet is a big fucking playground, filled with the same wankers there are everywhere else. Turn it off, throw it out, dig a hole and sit in it.

      • louistulley

        When you start with "everything is shit" it makes me ignore the rest of your comment.

        • my advice

          Sorry, I just gave my last fuck about anything to someone else.

          • marcjwrz

            by replying it shows you do in fact still give a fuck.

            • Jerky

              BIG TIME

          • trotterman

            Dude, let me start by saying,you are the coolest. You are stirring everyone up into an angry mob, while making it look so easy. You are so incredibly clever. You may be the most awesome guy I've come across. We are all in awe. Good job.

            • DaddyD

              Most awesome troll. Except for Paula.

              • Doug

                Shut up

    • Mark

      I continue to be surprised at the 'stolen from reddit' comments after all these years. As a redditor, don't people understand that both sites contribute to a great photographic ecosystem? The road goes both ways and that's great. saying 'this was already on reddit' assumes everybody goes to reddit, which isn't true. It also asserts that if it has entertained somebody on reddit, nobody else should have it.

      In either case, the argument is chock full of hypocrisy and/or selfishness.

      • Jack o' lantern

        Christ you sound like a smug motherfucker

    • Static

      lol… Reddit looks and feels like its 15 years old. hate it… worst designed website ever imo

      • Matt (KCCO)

        couldn't agree more. Worst layout ever. That's why i don't bother going there anymore. So if I see it on The Chive after it's already been on Reddit I don't give a fuck and those that are so butthurt that they already saw it on Reddit first should avoid this site then.

    • Will fort

      the post on reddit was a collection of photos, many of which didn't start at reddit. Some were original photos from the chive packaged into a funny gallery. None of it was original content.

    • Wurster

      you will get downvoted by the mindless zombies, but you are, of course, 100% correct

    • UhHuh

      It's simple, fuck Reddit. That is all.

    • Jason's new friend

      Jason, we should be friends. I love hipsters!

    • goatpunch

      So according to you, the chive should only post original content submitted directly to them, or created by them? The website would suck then, and it's not even close to what the point of this site is. I mean sure they have some original content, but that's not what their main goal is. No, from the beginning, the purpose of this site was to find all the good stuff from the internet that they could, (be it funny, shocking, etc.) and put it into one, easy to follow scroll. A lot of the stuff they directly steal is not organized into the easily viewable scroll that the chive uses, and it might be the only noteworthy thing that site does all day.
      tl;dr: The chive is not claiming any of this to be original. What it's trying to do, is take all the good stuff from the internet, and put it in one place so we don't have to go scouring 80 different websites to find good stuff. They do the work for us

  • ribsey


  • Tim


  • Mr. Pink

    Peanuts make me gassy

    • MylesofStyles


  • otto


    Well, it is the University of Minnesota

    • uh oh

      photoshopped…look at the lines.
      unless the lines were put on by a drunk man.

      • ahhh shit

        football fields are not perfectly flat they have a curve to them

        • AZFan

          That is true of natural grass fields for drainage. This field is flat because it is field turf and it drains down into the field and the water runs out the side. So most likely it was photoshpped..

          • Mark

            Not PhotoShopped…..real school.

        • Matt (KCCO)

          the turf fields are usually flat because they drain better. Natural grass there is a curve to drain better. I wouldn't assume it's the football field either, could be another sport at the school.

          • I don't know

            Yep that totally makes sense. It's not the football field but it has football hash marks because other sports use the same layout right? Think before you post.

      • Mark

        They do have drunks painting the lines at UMC…'s called the Turf Management Club

    • Paul

      UM-Crookston respresent!

    • stock194

      This was University of Minnesota Morris…Jerk.

    • Todd Strem

      This is the University of MN Crookston. I live in the community, and on this day was not proud of it. But shit happens and we just KCCO.

      • goatpunch

        Not only that, but they allow volunteers to paint the logo. So it was not the fault of any university employee. Funny, but not as big of a "you had one job" as people think. This was done by people for free, they just happened to screw it up

    • Go Sioux!

      fuck the gophers

      • ted

        Not TCF Bank Stadium dipshit

  • thebeefinjector

    #24 made me lol

  • sfb101

    #18 Well if you change the "F" to "B" you'd have Brie!

    • carl

      oh really? tell us more…

      • yoselahonda

        That was too cheesy. Ouch! Somebody hit me please.

    • Goo

      If you change the "f" to "o", switch the "i" and "e" then change the "i" to "o", you'd have oreo. Oreos are yummy

      • JESSE

        you did it wrong.

  • TomTheCameraGuy

    #17 Definitely the best

    • Bill Ferny

      Is it bad that I noticed that his name is Dick Smith before I noticed the phone?

  • former MN chiver

    #1- give 'em a break, it's Minnesota.

    • goatpunch

      U of M crookston. NOT the gophers

  • Jesus Christ

    #13 Is just a cover put in wrong, it's not like they paved it that way

    • Mukumber

      On another note that is Simon Lane famous from the youtube channel BlueXephos. @SimonHoneydew on Twitter

      • MadamGeeker

        It is isnt it?! 😀 Diggy!

    • Peter

      That's the joke DA, they put the cover on wrong. They only had one job.

      • Jesus Christ

        Don't be correcting the Jesus, nobody fucks with the Jesus.

    • Saafi

      I am Dave Yognaught and I have the balls.

      • Jesus Christ

        I'm afraid I don't get the reference my friend.

        • Jen

          Google, Jesus.

  • yukyuk

    How many funny pics you think are out there every day – dont be an asshole

  • Joe

    #15 hahaha penis

    • Jesus Christ

      She looks like she might enjoy a penis. Whore. Jesus loves you anyway.

      • The_Dood
  • Jon
    • Stinky Dog

      L'il help for ya: #11

  • seanster77


    Before crossing the street "You be smacking that ass"

  • Hootie

    #25 HEY! LAY OFF PHIL! IT WAS FUCKIN NEWMAN'S FAULT OK? "Ah, ah ah…you didn't say the magic word!"

    • Bud

      DODGSON, WE'VE GOT DODGSON HERE! Nobody cares.

    • Jay

      Phil Tippett is dead, give him a break.

  • Gate keeper

    Was it suppose to be a "W"?

  • Hrdwood

    I have one job to do too… but it's often interrupted by reading The Chive…

    • Aphrodite

      OMG I have to stop too

      • yeah well

        i already fucked up

  • @Trollfric

    I farted.

    • UhHuh

      Dumpster would be proud.

  • scjr

    #3 and #25 laughed way too hard on these two…

  • navydudeguy

    #25 dinosaur supervisor?! I knew they were real….and I can usually tell when dinosaurs are fake

    • dnak24


  • betamaxbandit
  • Aphrodite


  • Jeff

    #1 – They serve beer there now. It's justified.

    • Ross

      That was in Crookston…

  • Jesus Christ

    I'm trying to make a Big Lebowski reference but no one seems to get it. You should.

    • holyshit

      I'm pretty sure he got it, pederast.

      • Jesus Christ

        Why am I a pedophile now?

        • The_Dood

          You need to watch the movie again if you didn't get my reference.
          "Yeah but he's a pervert dude. No, really. He did six months in Chino for exposing himself to an eight year old."

          • Jesus Christ

            I totally forgot about that part, it's been forever since I've seen it. Hats off to your sir for making me look like an ass. I'll give it to you this one time. Jesus forgives, but doesn't forget.

          • Jesus Christ

            We need to get a Donny and Walter around here.

            • The_Dood

              I've seen someone with Walter as their avatar around, but never a Donny.

  • Justin

    I feel like maybe some of these people had more than one job.

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