• boob_cuddler

    I loled.

  • larry


  • Gazzlo

    That was definitely 2 1/2 minutes of WTF?

  • Jonathan

    "And you could buy a pregnant cow" – Hahaha!!

    Nice video!!

  • nayala

    haha saw this on reddit too! I want cake nowww! soo funny.

    • @bunkerpunkk

      Careful, Reddit will make you kill yourself.

      • chiver, but


  • RealZoo

    That's some funny @#!&.

  • IGotWorms

    Im fucking gaggin

  • Garret

    That was incredible. "Get me a fur at the fancy pawnshop and get a beard" Had me howling.

  • Euroranger

    I judge humor by how many tears of mirth I must wipe away. Went through a paper towel on this one. 🙂

  • Brian

    Wew I'm white!

    • CJs

      Hi Five! xD

  • Bieber Targaryen

    this was on youtube 15 hours ago…..

    I'm kidding its crazy but you know I'm not like that

  • Canucks_Rule

    hahahaha, saw this on bleacher report yester.

  • Average John

    Omg!! I needed a good chuckle!! 😀

  • imdowngetme

    LMFAO! if you cant laugh to this then you should take out whatever it is up your ass.



    "The Vet said, Dude your cat is just pregnant, I said ok I wont kick her"


  • Cab

    What a great way to start my day!

  • DannoTheManno88

    Hit him in the eyeball….hahahahaha

  • Seabass

    Am i the only one who keeps coming back to watch again for a good laugh

  • ZPSevenFeet

    The first ref… hahaha im dying!!

  • CJs

    that's awesome haha

  • Eder

    AP's lines were the best

  • Anthony

    Just went through that baguette post. 2 1/2 minutes wasted. Thank you for redeeming yourself Chive with 2 1/2 minutes of just plain funny shit.

  • clarkeja325

    til I looked at the receipt four $9109, I have faith that my friends brother woz actualy taking home money part time from their laptop.. there sisters neighbour has done this for less than 23 months and just repayed the morgage on there house and bourt a top of the range Lotus Esprit. go to, Bing30.ℂℴℳ

    • Mike D

      Seems legit!

  • Mike D

    "You brought your potion right?"

  • supercool

    holy shit.. I'm crying over here!!! ahhhahahaa!!!!!!!

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