Always remember, safety first (66 Photos & Video)

I feel like I’m watching a ‘Final Destination’ movie here.

If I have to tell you not to try any of this stuff, including and especially the video below, then it’s more than likely you are gonna do it anyways. But seriously, it’s a bad idea.

  • jimctu

    #45 at least she is using the helmet =P<img src="; width="1"/>

  • DRK

    I really thought I was going to see someone die in the video. My heart stopped when
    he started hanging by his fingertips>

  • Big Joe

    Did anyone else kinda wish for the dumbass in the video to lose his grip?

  • erikhart

    #37 how about NOPE
    #41 DEATH RACE??

  • Texas

    #36 Ricky from Trailer Park Boys?

  • Foster

    #50 I hope the accident they get in doesn't kill somebody else.

  • Alex_5280

    When the dude in the video dies, the world will hear nothing but a resounding "Told ya so".

  • NikkeD

    Not surprised in the least that the post with the most pics in it is full of idiots

  • Gente che vuole morire ma non lo sa - Giornalettismo

    […] persone in queste foto sicuramente sono molto coraggiose e sprezzanti del pericolo e probabilmente anche un po’ […]

  • Canucks_Rule

    #18 – india… nuff said.

  • B-to-the-H

    #10 – INS pulls car over in 3… 2 … 1…

  • Justsay OyVey

    #49 if your stupid enough to nap in a wood chipper, you get what you deserve. (I know Im going to get down voted for that i don't care)

    • Blue Balls

      Fargo scene!

    • BOB

      We do this all the time at work. Not dangerous, but it looks like it would be. Once the chipper is started (which would wake you up anyways), a clutch still has to be engaged for the feed mechanism to work.

  • TheNewGuy

    #40 When you find it necessary to wrestle a crocodile, it's best to do it in pajamas…

  • VedHead77

    #16 – Dude's got a turbo. You can't argue with that.

  • chron247

    #37 WTF?!!! I understand that most of these posts are people doing work in a unsafe or sketchy manor, but this is just pure insanity!

  • @tat2dboxr

    i dont know how the guy in the video can hang by his fingertips while holding up those steel balls!! holy sh*t!!!!

  • MyNameIsCouch

    The video made my butthole quiver.

  • Billy

    There may or may not be a few OSHA violations here

  • FreeCable

    #27 #12 #33 #56 Have to "fix" the cable before the Superbowl.

  • sfb101

    #10 Sneaking into the Drive-in?

  • Jude

    #11 Is making me anxious.

  • DannoTheManno88

    #12 He'll become a superhero or die trying.

  • Guest

    #36…nice photo bomb!

  • wmwm

    When men were actually men 1926… #54

  • AvsFanTRD

    there's a whole lot of nope going on here

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