“Baguette-me-nots,” are more proof that the internet doesn’t care for your logic (40 Photos)

This is one of the recent trends I can’t explain. I will let the photos speak for themselves.

Via Baguettemenots

  • Die Hipster

    All of these people suck.

  • Garret

    I was skeptical but #3 made me laugh. Can we get a post with less carbs?

  • myles

    like planking & all the other shit over it

  • khalid

    Wtf.who even comes up with this

  • Anonymus

    this is sooooo….. stupid

  • rickacha

    man, this dumb and stupid …period !

  • Chip

    Kelly Hannon in #5. She is beautiful!!

    • Chip

      errrr .. I mean Ellie Kemper

  • http://60daysofhell.wordpress.com/ goldengekko1

    #5 loved her in 21 jump street so hot 😀

  • seanster77

    Oh My God !!!!!

    I love the Chive. Thanks for making me get ass-reattachment surgery cause I just laughed it off.

  • duh

    its the same idiot in most of the photos….not a trend if its just one douche with some bread, imho.

  • Gallus

    Now pet rocks make a hell of a lot more sense.

  • imdowngetme

    #14 jerry?

    • Spelling Police

      Dammit Jerry!

  • Phoenix

    And i thought i was fucking crazy!!

  • Rich

    #17 She looks thrilled

  • Matt C

    I have the weirdest baguette right now…

  • TheFrontier

    Silly baguettes, dicks are for chicks… no seriously, this dumb.

  • Canucks_Rule

    #7 #10 #27 #32 – the internet can be weird…. well all the time.

  • Ozzy

    Oh yeah we call them French sticks here in Australia

  • Steve Grenier

    What's with all the haters? This is hilarious.

  • The truth

    I am taking such a huge dump right now

  • Average John

    You gotta admit, some of these are pretty damn funny!!! 😀

  • Macro

    Random … but at least these were interesting to look at. Some were pretty darn funny.

  • Fish

    Really? It's like watching a bad skit on Portlandia. Absolute drivel. Stupid posts are stupid.

  • manilovefilmsdylan

    News to me. Weirdos.

  • Mustard

    TheChive is full of douchebags. And by TheChive I mean the comments.

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