Being a superhero is all about the little things (11 Photos)

Via Huffingtonpost

  • 29er

    If read wrong, this children's hospital could almost be Michael Jackson worthy.

  • FBI Surveillance Van

    Captain America has become a little chubby. Lay off the Dons.

    On side note great story guys keep it up!

  • Dan

    this is soooo great! the little things make the difference 🙂

  • Chris

    Send 'em Chive shirts. They've earned it.

  • Jimmy Jam

    Best. Thing. Ever.

  • rat

    so cool, my kid would shit bricks if he woke up and saw spider-man outside.

  • Jason

    Where's these guys chive shirts at

  • Don

    A lot of these pictures are from All Children's in St. Pete fl. My 4 year old son received his heart transplant there at 3 months old. We were in patient last Thursday when they did this after he was flown there after going into cardiac arrest. It was the only part of the day were he wasnt sobbing about wanting to go home after being there for 2 weeks already. It was a great thing and brightened my sons day and im sure many more!

    • Guest

      All the best to your little man. I hope he's doing well!

  • Joel

    I thought you said this was in Philadelphia?

  • nelson

    thats one of the best things ive ever seen!

  • craig camosse

    this is what makes merica so f …en great love it

  • dpike83

    fuck yeah. above and beyond

  • iamwhoiam

    One of the few times im proud to be a memphian

  • tedmc

    REAL heroes!

  • LBF 4 ever


  • Guest

    This might just be the most awesome thing I've ever seen…

  • JP1

    Nice!! With so much daily crap in the world, it's great to see some folks that realize that people can be great… by choice!

  • zgl

    this is cool. but i wonder how many kids think "this is what my superhero is doing now? washing windows?"

  • S. Russ

    Very cool thing to do, but this is at All Children's Hospital in St. Pete, Florida

  • KidSister

    what beautiful, beautiful people. Hope they're truly happy and fulfilled. 🙂

  • TonyM

    "Might seem silly" ??? Hell no! If I ever have window washers I'll pay them extra to dress up as super heros. If I was a window washer, I'd do it every day for free.

  • ceejay

    Faith in humanity stored.

  • stavros_pod

    awesome people=happy children. You guys made my day! KKCO

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