Paulina Gretzky is using the Instagram Machine properly (48 Photos)

Last year, theCHIVE made national news after I stumbled upon Paulina Gretzky's Twitter Machine. I published a gallery the next day which quickly went viral. Her sexually charged pics also grabbed the attention of Daddy, who was none too happy with the photos. Paulina's Twitter was quickly deleted.

But you can't keep a good girl down. Paulina's Twitter Machine has returned but, this time, it's Paulina's Instagram that's getting all the attention. Paulina is back in rare form. Enjoy...

  • craig

    THEE definition of a "butterface"

    • Gursch

      I agree, all i see is wayne's face. and that's not very cool.

  • Dano

    A little too desperate for attention and full of plastic for my tastes. But she looks like fun.



  • Dave

    My life sucks

  • Stan



    • Scott

      Also keen to know this..

  • boob_cuddler

    Looks more than old enough for her not to be in daddy's control. Why is daddy stalking her twitter and instagram? She's hot but I see a creepy dad written all over her.

  • RedHotChivette

    #41… daddy's upper body? And I wish she'd wear less makeup, so beautiful without that junk.

  • Nuked


  • Jamie

    Thanks John! And why was this deleted?? Nothing inappropriate was said !! ????????

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  • Rand12

    So how long before she has her first nip slip or phone "hacked"??

  • Pinmaster

    Proper INDEED!!!!!!

  • Dbar

    Im sure she takes it in the five hole.

  • hansolo

    #44 Is nice.

    Also: gorgeous females stay being friends with other gorgeous females.

  • brian fellows

    Wow it looks like it'd be fun to have a rich daddy.

  • Mr. Dobalina

    Poor Wayne.

  • Nick Brown

    Moisture, is the essence of wetness…. Wetness, is the essence of beauty

  • yourmom

    I would beat my daughters ass if she went out in public looking like this attention-craved ho.

  • mateo

    i like her for her personality…

  • Morty

    The best boobs daddy can buy.

  • FunKiller

    #40 I can almost 100% guarantee she's never even heard a Black Flag album……but she IS smoking hot.

  • jolly Roger

    Seems like kind of a waste. She basically lives the exact same lifestyle that Paris Hilton is ridiculed for. She's a So Cal professional party girl who tries really hard to get her tits on the internet. That's a long way from where her dad is from, and her grandfather Walter Gretzy, who is awesome in every way a human can be awesome, has got to be appalled that she is pissing her life away. Yeah, that's judge-y of me but her dad is all class and she's, well, following the Hilton–Kardashian route in life.

  • ron

    Cute I guess.

    But really just a spoiled brat who's never actually done anything or will do anything.
    Paris Hilton anyone?

  • jeff

    meh, nothing special – plus i don't like those gapped saggy breasts. probably a great, sweet young woman though!

  • johnq

    she can use my stick anytime she wants……HIYO!!!!!

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