Daily Afternoon Randomness (49 Photos)

  • Ohms

    #37 Holy HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!! #howdoigetmyfaceinthat

  • Maximus_Titus

    So…nobody know who #49 is? Crying shame…

  • Blacke

    I'm making $86 an hour working from home. I was shocked when my neighbor told me she was averaging $95 but I see how it works now. I feel so much freedom now that I'm my own boss. This is what I do, rich45.cøm

  • Graham


    Is Loki wearing realtree camo???

  • http://twitter.com/SoCalChiver @SoCalChiver

    #12 #49 damn!!
    #14 #28 well done ladies…oh so beautiful

  • Minha Lenha

    #30 BS!!

    • Fish Tale

      And then he said "hold on," and he gave me a pony!

  • tallguy

    This is where my fake ID got taken away my freshman year of college in 1989! Rock Chalk!

  • gabriel

    24 28 49 i want pleaseeeee!!

  • I Eats Bacon

    #37 should have ideas like this moar often!

  • Ph3nom3non

    #12 You have an unbelievably nice body

  • Gordon

    #28 — I've said before that I have a total girl crush. Those were all lies. This time, I know it's true. Jesus God! Hot!

    • http://twitter.com/TexasChivette @TexasChivette

      Haha thank ya

  • Phlerm

    You know how I know you're gay? #42

    • Boondock

      Bi but close enough. And I'm calling you gay for posting that.

      • YKHIKYG? Acronyms.

        Bi-sexual includes being gay… So they're gay.
        And you're gay for calling Phlerm gay for posting that.

  • G1880

    #37 that's the best idea since man said " let's thinly slice that pig and then cook it"

  • socalmarti

    #45 Well that took some of the pressure off of Armstrong for today!

  • DrainBamage

    #37 mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm squishy!

  • gill

    Some women are so stupid.

  • Aurelian

    #1 and #24
    Marry them. Both.

  • Robert

    #42 Who's the guy on the left?

  • Eric Baird

    #49 for the 49ers Great idea guys, you fucking chive guys are on top of your shit!
    ATL is going DOWN!

  • brucebruce

    #12. I know its stalker awareness month and all, but how about some moar prreease?

  • Pinmaster

    NICE bars #8

    #12 perrrrfection!!!

  • The MFA

    The Chivettes are the hottest ladies ever.

  • blarneylad

    Hate to see ur game in the playoffs


    • blarneylad

      and of course i don't really mean 'hate'

  • Jon

    #42 Bitch please. If they ever go Bi, then we are all screwed.

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