No one man should have all that awesome (33 Photos)

  • Mustard


    I have no problem with Kanye, but this quote is the complete opposite of awesome. This is pussy ass sell out bitch shit. Seriously, if this quote is awesome then you suck at life. He's telling you to be a fucking moron for fame and money. He's not telling you to be original or awesome or intelligent. FUCK Alec! You are a moron!

  • Susie

    #18 is John Lee Hooker!!! Everybody knows that.

  • NHChiver

    #5 – You're awesome! Chive on, young lady!

  • Brian

    #33 What the hell is this? Looks video game related.

    • Olive

      The one on the right leg is the Gates of Moria from LotR. On the left is Link from LttP with three life hearts.

  • ColoChiver

    #9 Anyone realize his character in the First Spy Kids movie is also named "Machete"?

  • curious

    #29 Is that a STYX shirt??

  • Lyle

    #29 Only guy I can think of that looks pretty badass while wearing a Styx t-shirt! hahaha

  • doctor phill

    #22 … Can someone please bash this douchebag over the noggin with a 5 gallon poland spring bottle?

  • kampizi

    #22 – pretty sure everyone hates Kanye – no matter how educated he is…. Must be hard being a street gangster that came from middle class, well educated suburbia…. gawd….

  • MissVega84

    #21 But the Cake is a Lie!

  • Kevin

    Don't care, your still a douch who like fish stick in your mouth

  • LuCheezy734

    #11 Is amazing in both pictures!

    • MonkeyMadness

      Agreed. Still hot.

  • pannychous

    The title of this post makes no sense. Half of these were of women. Awesome, but nonsensical.

  • Casonsensation

    So… how did my picture get on here?

  • casper

    #18 gentlemen take note, this is what gangsta really looks like

  • zgl

    #11 – hot + heart = beautiful 🙂

  • JBone

    If Kanye is so fucking smart why is he marrying a Kardashian?

  • jess

    #13 he hits woman, kind of an asshole

  • jesse

    #33 Speak friend and enter! Freaking Awesome!

  • Janne


    How is #31 awesome? Some guys with equipment made only for killing people? We all are on the same boat named Earth. I'd consider #31 the exact opposite of awesome.

    • Not a SOF Guy

      We're all on the same boat, Janne, but believe me, there are some on this Earth who would love to do horrible things to you and everyone you love just because you think the way you do, i.e. don't agree with them or their dogma. It's guys like these three that help keep them on the run or dead. That's pretty awesome to me.

  • Gman

    #22: Eat a dick. That will keep your name out there. You make this sacrifice (of your integrity) for what cause? To be famous? to make money? Unoriginal, misogynistic piece of trash.

  • Canucks_Rule

    #10 – haha, diggin' this.

  • Nostalgic for Beer?

    #29 Okay, I give. What kind of beer is this guy drinking? Not PBR…

  • Brad

    Can we get another shot of the 8bit Tatt? Love the gateway to Moria tatt as well, very geek HOT!

  • Diana

    Facebook pic is really amazing, nice idea, like it

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