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  • orangewhip

    #33 MOAR.

  • Sugar D.

    #68 boob sweat. ewwww.

  • Alex

    I really wanna do #15 but I'm black, they'd call the cops before I left their sight.

  • Makes no sense

    #9 … I am calling BS on this photo … he is riding the penny farthing backwards and they did not have a steering column attached to the BACK wheel …

  • SafetyBob

    I will chew my own arm off, after cutting my
    Left leg (above knee) off with a Swiss army blade, if someone can find #48. I'm smitten. Like a kitten. Wearing mittens.

    • mopmonkey

      Ashley Ann Vickers…you know where to look….keep your limbs on.

  • dude 2

    Yeah, can't believe it took until page 3 for someone to ask. Find!

  • loyal chiver

    #20 looks like it is a Tim Horton drive through lol

    • Gordon

      Right hand drive car in Canada reversing thru… Genius!

  • DemonIAm

    #7 holy hell! I need MOAR!

  • Burukan
  • jamie

    #3 Chivers, who is this?? I need names !!

  • Buddy J

    #14 and #37 made me vomit in my throat, seriously. Fuck those tattoos.

    • redbeard

      That comment made ME vomit in my throat! Tattoos are beautiful, and even more so on beautiful women like that…smarten up you conservative doucher…

  • NorCal420

    #56 We Meet AGAIN! Boy, I'll make sure to last 35 seconds this time. (yes twice) MOAR PLZ

  • Thomas

    #17 #52 #68 #48 #41

  • Thomas

    also #11 #14 #29 #37 #56 too many good ones

  • Ancora_Imparo

    I think the Monty Python BTS of the Holy Grail may be the best pic I have ever seen… It should have made the best of list for sure!!!!

  • Kevin

    #17 DAMN!!

  • Boudicca

    #68 your freakishly long thumbs weird me out!

  • alan

    #1 looks like colbert

  • @kolby182

    #48 this is the hottest girl I've ever tried to not masturbate to in public.

  • Jordana

    Absolutely gorgeous! I'd hit that. Love her tattoos also, "bad life choices" and all.

    Idiots in the Tim Hortons drive thru….. not surprised at all. Gotta have that morning double double!

  • jeff

    #72 is angie varona … a 14 year old… where is chris hansen?

  • Jeremy

    The redhead in #37 is Kemper from SuicideGirls.

  • LuCheezy734

    #7 is sexy. #41 is absolutely gorgeous, MOAR please!

  • LauraNorda

    #2 HA!! That's my home town!!! 😀

  • Oilfieldtrash76

    #18 If you think that's weird you should look in the mirror.

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