Best photos of the week (75 Photos)

  • Oilfieldtrash76

    #63 This zipperhead publicly advocated the deaths of US soldiers. Fuck him.

  • ukulelemike

    #46 I like the houses, but what's up with Mountain Shark breeching in the background?

  • curmudgeon

    #44 ENOUGH with the unneeded profanity!!! Grow up already. The only thing you show with language like this is your ignorance. The greatest comedians never had to resort to profanity. Learn from your betters.

    • Oilfieldtrash76

      Go be a pussy somewhere else.

  • la chiver

    14 you are of the chart hot!!!!!!!!!!!

  • them bones

    #7… Where's a cute gamer chick that I can play with damn it…

  • Pumpernickel

    Who is #48?

  • Lex

    my wife says #47 is my ex… and yeh, she means the one on the left

  • Charlie

    #71 Sydney! Well played.

  • Mike re

    #52 man oh man

  • Elle

    #66 is totally 'shopped.

  • cdnSamSquanch

    #41 MORE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • neversingh

    MOAR of these beautiful ladies, please o please
    #41 #72

  • discgolfer

    Disc golf involved in the best photos of the week equals success. I am going to go toss a round right now

  • huskerzfan4life

    #7, do I spy a Lip Slip?

  • SouthieRules

    the fuck is this on here for? #23

  • LBF 4 ever
  • Bee

    #37 Can we please not turn this into a porn site?

  • eric

    #20 It's probably in reverse because some toyota supras are right hand drive.

  • josh

    #75 on my face now please??? Thank you!

  • Ray

    #6 The girl in the black jacket – Find Her.

  • Brian D

    #33, #37, #68 find, find, find!

  • MrJames

    #21!!!! Wow I think I could leave Lance Armstrong in the dust if she was in front of me!!!

  • @RicardoAraujo94

    #15 what if he kills your friend?

  • waltgator

    #37 #60 yes!!!

  • Old friend

    #41 search "Kaitlin Carey Bozeman" on google images it has to be her

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