• Dave Mitchell

    Pick on a grieving widow you spineless dickwad.

    • Tim

      How long is the grieving period supposed to be?

  • justin

    I am not a fan of Yoko and agree that she added nothing to that performance, but using a single frame-still to guess at a reaction by Berry while also promoting domestic abuse and sexism as a valid source of humor is not the way to get your point across.

    • DAV

      Somebody must be sitting next to their girlfriend.

  • jude

    Whoever you are, foul-mouth, I can't imagine you would have a clue as to what LOVE is. Don't like something? Don't watch it.

  • tmc102464

    Brilliant commentary!

  • http://unrealitymag.com/index.php/2013/01/18/the-final-countdown-comedy-gifs-movies-to-be-made-and-jay-wilson-leaves-diablo/ The Final Countdown: Comedy GIFs, Movies to Be Made and Jay Wilson Leaves Diablo |

    […] Bill Burr explains why Yoko Ono sucks – [TheChive] […]

  • Michael

    You gotta watch the original. WTF?!!

  • DAV

    Is that Black Wolverine?

  • karen

    john lennon never would have become political in his songs without yoko. before her it was 'i wanna hold your hand" yes he is a genius but she was far ahead of her time. the first band to begin to work with her harmonics was the b-52's and she had done the exact thing 20 years prior. they shared peace and love and because she was a performance artist, sculpter, poet, musician – john now had a muse for his genius. as for bill burr – just another hollow man making money off mysogeny and fear of creative intellectual women. bill would be lucky to have an essence of understanding of her genius in 10 lifetimes.

  • steved24

    Watch his tours around LA, they are hilarious and all off the cuff, the man is a genius comedian.

  • humantyphoon713


  • MzCoffee

    Who the hell is this guy? How many hit albums did he make? How many Beatles did he attract? Clearly this is a desperate attempt to get someone to look at him. This guy's a nobody. This guy talks about who has talent? Yoko Ono influenced other artists like The B52s and others. This guy is super pathetic, smh.

  • Canucks_Rule

    fuck yoko.

  • vidgo

    Bill Burr. #gofuckyourself

  • http://twitter.com/alexeiivanovich @alexeiivanovich

    This is from his podcast, every monday morning he talks to himself for an hour. it's hilarious. check his website.

  • kev

    bill burr for president

  • fuck you

    you……are an idiot…. say fuck one more time please… very good choice of word when your trying to make a point loser. didnt even get to one min of this shit cause you wouldnt shut up. dumb asssssssss

  • mike honcho

    Is chuck berry gonna have to slap a bitch

  • http://twitter.com/supriatnaj @supriatnaj

    Ohhhh Yoko !

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