Boy, that escalated quickly (45 Photos)

  • AnItalianChiver

    #24 "so what huh?! are you gonna make fun of my eyebrows huh? come at me brow!"

  • Kevrhutch

    I now wish I had a skylight

  • chron247

    #27 So she is eating his face while he is fondling her fat rolls. Seeing that kinda makes me wanna gouge my own eyes out.

  • jun

    #17 My favorite part are the Mormon missionaries in the background who speed up and walk away faster.

    • Frank

      Everything about that GIF is awesome. It oozes hilarity.

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  • bigmike


  • TPain

    #12 should have bought american…

  • _Alisha_

    #39 awesome

  • Advert Vet


    Reminds me of Taco Tuesdays.

  • LBF 4 ever


  • Keith_D

    Envy… It wears a coat and hangs out in hallways.

  • lfsg

    #41 made me laugh so hard

  • Alex

    #5 FUCK I knew I forgot something when I was walking back from the store

  • red4

    Stop calling this shit "boy, that escalated quickly"!!! There is no context of a beginning, no build up, and no pay off. Just relabel this fucking shit as what it is, like "Wacky photos", or "No explanation needed". But calling it "boy, that escalated quickly" makes no fucking sense at all. You seem to have a handle on how to label everything else in this website, but not this. This whole page is just as bad as the idiot who says "your stupid" instead of "you're stupid".

    • Frank

      Boy, that escalated quickly…

    • Rainbow Randolf

      See Chive? Now someone is going to go home and be extra mean to his mom and sulk in the basement all weekend.

  • Biff

    Did someone not know how to spell "appeared" in #33?

  • Jose_Ariel


  • jezozwierz

    #20 Andy Garcia eating sth?

  • Rich1988

    #26 Literally no fucks were given

  • Ponderous Raptor

    #22e Can't tell if bug is huge, or just a small kitchen

  • Melanie G.

    #14 What a cute ass!! 🙂

  • Canucks_Rule

    #13 – best salad EVER.

    #44 – freaky shit.

  • MontanaGirl76


  • CanadianMedic

    #45 is the reason I hate the internet at work! patient looks up cold symptoms call 911 because they think they have AIDS

  • speedjive

    #37 Well Fucking fuck you, you fucking foulmouthed fucker.

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