Don’t ask me how, or why, instead just know that these are the gorgeous Hooters girls of Budapest (40 Photos)


  • KCooperCO


    • Skermitt

      How do someone saying "Merica" get voted down 20 times?

      • savagecabbage

        Because it's Budapest… Hungary.

        • Guest

          …and it's stupid…

        • dick

          but hooters is from America

  • TylerDerpen

    God damn, I need a girlfriend


    I know who you are Paula.

  • SuperiorTo8

    #21 Sexy nuns always confuse my penis

    • George Zip

      Please discipline me Sister Mary Woweewowwow

    • RDS

      Not mine!

  • SoTxOil1

    Calling my travel agent now!!!!

    • Wildcat

      Who has a travel agent anymore? Are you going to call him from your home phone? Then you can jam out to your walkman on the way to his office.

    • smallchinaman

      #6 Save yourself some money and go to Springfield, Mo instead of Budapest. Bob is getting lazy again and slipping in other pics.

      • Rubberbandman

        i c i'm not the only 1 who noticed tht

  • Tiber_Septim

    nice looking crew #8 in particular

    • FunKiller

      Wait…are you being serious? Looks a little inbred, just a little.

    • Ruffieg

      Deal with their lower back problems…….

    • Gurudel

      She looks great, i just cant tell where she is looking. I mean which eye do I look at cause they are going in different directions.

      • gmanv2


    • Bill57

      i agree stan cus she is hot and looks retarded like you so you would make a good couple. maybe she would like it if you put the bullshit on her face cause she would have to wash all the bullshit off her face

  • anakonda

    What do Hooters girls do, when they get old ?

    • Truth Hurts

      Get married.

    • nepster

      Become the President of Cinnabon

    • Lia

      Become an attorney.

  • JiMi

    #27 Quick give me something to vandalize

  • @504_26

    To Budapest it is. Anyone else in?

    • Mike re

      Yep! It'll be a trip down memory road to remind us what our Hooters used to look like

    • Jim

      Ok bigfoot jr … Happy travels it is

  • Jay

    Best family restaurant. Ever.

  • bobaso

    they are not pretty, they are photogenic.. in real it's a big disappointment :/

    • Ryeno

      they look derpy as hell

  • AnItalianChiver

    I'm sorry but these chicks are not hot.. And no, I'm not gay. They look like trannys with plastic surgery. God bless random chivettes.

    • truth

      God, stfu.

      • AnItalianChiver

        Liberty of thoughts and discussion .. Do you even speak them? Silly boy.. Have a nice day 🙂

        • Gary

          No no, I think "truth" was right on the money. STFU. (and stop being gay)

          • AnItalianChiver

            Yeah maybe I should.. Show me the way

            • TheDude

              I agree with the guy, these girls don't do much for me. More 'Merca Chivettes.

  • loveRedHed

    #19 #40
    Pack your bags boy's, we're moving to Budapest!!!

  • NebraskaGuy

    #13 Nice GAP on the left!

  • ggreg

    The Hooter's logo is orange, so the girls are orange?

  • whyme1973

    #8 #22 #27 #39 The FLBP cup runneth over at this store. Wow.

  • Big Al

    #8 with #5 close behind

    • FunKiller

      8 looks inbred, and 5 looks like she has a "touch of downs."

  • Irwin

    A massive emigration to Budapest in 3 – 2 – 1…..

  • DennnyCrane

    #8 Where the fuck is Budapest and how do I get there.

  • @LosSaysSwag

    I'm so confused by a lot of this, but idgaf… hot.

  • pimpninjaa

    #19 no time to explain, just get in

    • Reggit


  • BilliamJ

    Some of them are from a Tilted Kilt (which is basically a Scottish version of Hooters)

  • clutch

    #5 definitely lives up to the compny name.

  • Jesse4

    #35 Find HER, not the hooter girls but the one buying coffee!

  • uh oh

    FLBP – Future Lower Budapest Problem?

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