Friday Dopamine Dump (38 Photos)

  • whyme1973

    #37 Yum.

  • BroRadley

    #13 had no idea 3 ninja was a comedy.

  • guest

    #30 – wow

  • ThePatriot

    #35 I doubt she could even name 5 maiden songs…. most of the "metal" chicks I meet are posers. The ones that aren't don't look like this

    • Terry

      lol, most "metal" dudes are poseurs too.

      "Awwwww fuck yes Iron Maiden. I don't even care that the lead singer is a choir boy gone retarded. That's so metal!"

  • jmonster

    #35 is Waaaay too hot and gorgeous to be a biker chick

  • bmoney
  • Daniel

    #10 Soul Transfer almost complete!

  • @LosSaysSwag

    #10 Cerebro? Is that you?

  • Irish Ali

    #27 Shitting on top of the world…

  • Leigh

    #10 #28 Love these!

  • reithe1st

    #6 #11 #18 so damn sexy. 🙂

  • Jesus Christ

    #4 These were the original commandments, I don't know how it got changed to the ones we see today. Now look where we are. If Moses had just kept the originals society would be pretty chill. Jag-off.

    • Not into PC Answers

      I believe there was a sci-fi book where someone came from the future and was asked what the laws were like. The answer was, "Just two: To be not too offense and to be not too easily offended." Wouldn't it be nice if it were like that now?

      • Not into PC Answers

        …not too offensive…

  • brucebruce

    #35. Fuck yes for Iron Maiden

  • LBF 4 ever
  • pghron

    East End Brewing for the win!

    • E. End

      New location is a great tasting room.

    • mike

      Best quote ever while picking up a growler " Careful, drink a lot of Big Hop you get a lot of little hops, true story"

  • jt1120

    #6 there's something very unsexy about nose rivets.

  • Yak Surfer

    #28 Someone is approaching Nirvana.

  • coop

    #27 just took my mid afternoon dump at work and im so disappointed that it wasnt on this toilet…

  • jshiver15


    My heart started hurting seeing this beautiful pour of Anchor Steam.

  • Dapper_Dave

    #4 Really, you could just combine the 2 into the right one.

  • FunKiller

    #37 This picture makes me sad, but happy at the same time……I've very conflicted.

  • Ay Jay

    #28, might be dead

  • Luke

    #13 So jealous! I want to watch 3 Ninja's now!

  • BeerMe



  • alex

    #22 yes please.

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