Cat Saturday (32 Photos)

  • Dr. Evil


  • @TheMightyWrench

    #18 looks exactly like my cat and his brother playing when they were little. Kinda creepy

  • MattKL

    #5 "I would kill you for this, human. But it just feels SO DAMN GOOD."

  • katastrophe89

    #15 I love this meme

  • @julesmarie310

    #2 heh heh heh the hoomanz will never suspect who stolz this!

    #26 HAAaaIiiiii hooman!

  • Aristocats

    #5 am i the only one who started singing 'we are Siamese if you please' when I saw the last picture?

  • Kilimanjaro

    #26 nooo! This is not cute 😦 The cat is fretting!

  • Julia

    We need Dean and Sam for this one.

  • Ohms

    #31 I was hoping for Chalupa Batman

  • ShugarRusian

    #8 bahahaha! walking down the wall and missing the part were the paw comes out for a second would give me a heartatack!!

  • JRW02

    cats suck

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