• MontanaGirl76


  • Jt$

    These people are what The Chive is all about.

    • Jason

      Seriously think about it. He's not being honest. He's be searching for them for years? Seriously, in this day and age and with his financial resources? Those my friend are tears of "busted!" He was caught having ditched and completely forgetting the people who made the impossible happen for him. He quickly and very publicly on air started backtracking by saying he was going to fly them out and blah blah blah.

      I can't believe how obvious this is and how people choose to ignore it.

  • PPlay

    So they're to blame….

    • Durk

      Best laugh I've had all day

      • Hank Hill

        I laughed like hell, too.

    • R.Pgh

      I actually like Steve Harvey, but that was too f'n funny.

  • wang

    C'mon guys i just seen this like 20 minutes ago on the chive

    • katastrophe89

      This…..IS the chive……?

      • Regal Eagle

        I'm Ron Burgandy?

        • Chip"themeat"hayes

          You win the Internet today good sir.

  • Joe

    That would have been a very nice start to my day if I didn't have to endure a 14 second kroll show advertisement. Holy shit Chive, get that crap outta here.

    • randomperson32

      They have this thing called Adblock that just came out about a decade ago. You're welcome

      • YourNameHere

        Cool. Now everyone can get adblock and the advertisements get embedded into the video so thechive can still make money.
        It's great that you love adblock, but don't tell everyone about it. It's our secret.;)

  • Guest

    That was great. Those were true tears and almost made me want to cry.

  • MAC

    Ok, who's cutting the onions?

    • LuvsHorror

      Better than cutting the cheese. :')

  • Lou

    Sorry, I kind of thought it was unfair to surprise him like that when he had asked for no surprises.

    • katastrophe89

      Obviously he didn't mind…

    • stian

      if your gf says shes doesnt want anything for christmas… do you dare not buying her anything?

      • CM Punk

        Trick question, he doesn't have a girlfriend.

  • Kato

    Some people, once they reach the top, they forget those people at the bottom. Steve Harvey is not one of those people. Mad respect!

    • Crazy_Jake

      He has a show in Chicago… How hard would it be for them to find HIM.
      Sounds like he still owes them money..

      • Luke

        Seems to me like they weren't too concerned. That's what friendship and helping others is all about.

    • Jason

      Seriously? You believe that he's been looking for those people for years? In the age of the Internet and his financial resources?

      He's lying. He's backtracking and trying to pretend he didn't ditch the people who made the impossible happen for him. He backtracked on his show. Cried for show, then offered to fly them out. It's completely a PR stunt to distract what actually happened on his show. He was outed as a complete douche.

      • PayHeed

        Yeah because if there is one thing i know about Steve is that he cries for show… Jackass. Get off the chive with that attitude man.

        • Jason

          You're right…don't look at the facts or critically think…just bleat like a sheep….baaaaa baaaaaa.

          • PayHeed

            That makes no fucking sense douchbag.

            • Joe

              chive-on… hahahaha

  • Kerry

    Most people don't know what it's like to not have much of anything. A lot of these young ones are given everything and they are spoiled little douchebags. As for myself not having anything growing up and hand me downs I appreciate everything and don't go and buy coach and Louis Vuitton purses. Most things in life are simply superficial

  • sneakypete

    aww shit…i….i…i got an eyelash in my eye

    • p1ll

      Me too and dust or onion spray

  • Mindy

    Mad Respect for Steve! He is true and real!

  • Well shucks

    Dammit if I'm not crying like a tiny baby. I was about to get out of my car to go inside Walmart but now I have to wait until it doesn't look like I was crying haha. I'm a grown ass man.

    • Crazy_Jake

      Come on its WALMART.. who is going to notice..

    • katastrophe89

      Lol no shame in a good cry! 🙂

  • Coldzilla

    Ya know, every once in a while while Im workin Ill tune in THE FEUD – just to see this man. Have always enjoyed his work and to see that honest reaction.

  • airmaxx23

    I think it just rained in my eyes a little……

  • Fun_ghoul

    Great example of never forgetting where u came from and the ppl who helped u along the way. Great post

  • Luke

    Great post! Good way to start my day!

  • Brandon

    These ads are rediculius. A pop up that covers my whole screen and starts playing a video along with everything else that already litters your page? I already don't visit the site much anymore because of all the ads, now I think I won't be coming back. A few is understandable to pay the bills but this is too much.

    • ...

      what's ridiculous is your spelling. also get ad blocker

    • BooYaah

      You want free shit, you deal with ads.

      You don't get free groceries, you don't get free, clothes, you don't get free gas..

      Why would you expect to get free Chive?

  • Brian

    faith in humanity restored…

  • Adam

    Stupid allergies. Please post the update Chive of when he gets them on the show.

  • Matthew

    You're making me feel like a Vulcan. Maybe it's just because i'm British, but there is way too much emotion on show here. I am very uncomfortable. I wish the chive wouldn't do this so often. More cynicism please.

  • Mr_Eff

    I never really understood Steve Harvey as a comedian, but I understand the kindness of people and how they can affect someone. His reaction was genuine, honest, heartfelt, and most of all humble. -2 testosterone for blubbering on TV, but +502 for being man enough to show true appreciation to people you respected and felt gratitude towards.

  • mikennc

    Wow. That was just awesome, that's the only word.

  • Matt C

    Great people for giving him a helping hand. Just wish Steve Harvey didn't hate me and everyone like me.

    • Matt

      Enlighten me… What "people like you" does Steve hate?

  • Sully

    that's awesome..but you know howard stern is going to bust him about this on monday

    • jay

      Who cares? Howard stern is a tool

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