• Shortbus

    He probably should of found them earlier. No?

  • Canucks_Rule

    with him pulling down that feud money, they're set for life.

  • http://twitter.com/igotbeefheart @igotbeefheart

    This really made me cry. 😥 + 🙂

  • Holden McGroin

    "I got money now".

    Steve, what you have, money can't buy. Happy Birthday!

  • mtpuckhead

    Steve Harvey is a douche.

    • Just Google it

      Steve Harvey is a bigot.

      • Jason


  • katastrophe89

    Got dust in both of my eyes while watching this…

  • Chris

    Great story, but how hard did he look for that guy? I would guess Steve Harvey could have his address and phone number by the end of the day, any day…

    • logan

      Look at how long it took to find Osama bin laden. And that was with the whole world looking for him

      • tarted

        maybe the whole world owed osama money too

  • Snail


  • kevin

    He's been looking for them for years? Congrats to the intern who found them and made this possible.

  • Joe

    I just can`t look at Steve the same way anymore, not after I found out he is a comlete retard.

    • mtpuckhead


  • mike

    So you're telling me Steve Harvey didn't have the resources to find these people for 20+ years? He must have told his colleagues this story about how these random people helped him or they wouldn't have known to try to find them for this surprise. So after he told the story to them he just was like "oh well, i looked in the phone book. they must not exist anymore. I give up the search." They owned a business in a city. They left a paper trail. Internet searches work wonders these days. It just makes me wonder how badly he really wanted to pay them back.

    • Jason

      I agree whole heartedly. This post appeared on Reddit and that was exactly what I said. Those tears are tears of "Oh Shit, I'm busted…and wait…what's this feeling…IT'S GUILT" Guilt for having ditched the people who made the impossible happen for him. When their resources were used up, or he didn't need them anymore…CYA! I can't believe how this video is being spun…and people are buying it.

    • LKB

      Exactly, if they were so important, why would he not keep in touch? I'm guessing he never attempted to repay the $11,000 either. My folks divorced when I was in high school. My Dad disappeared (due to nefarious activity in which he was involved) and he never wrote or called me. Then 26 years later when he was destitute, because he had run out of suckers to mooch from, he MIRACULOUSLY found me!

    • Dana

      Jesus, ever think that maybe those people are rich as fuck as well and 11k was nothing to them and Steve Harvey knew that and they knew that? They owned a furniture store 20 years ago, probably own a whole freaking chain. They obviously were glad to see him and surprise him on his birthday. It was obvious that the money was not important to them.


    fuck steve harvery

  • Wayne

    CHIVE I just sat through a baby mission impossible and just when I think you couldn't get any stupider you go post something like this….and totally redeem yourself

  • Jameswastaken

    Damn ninja's…running around, cutting onions near me.

  • Themad dumper

    I'm taking a huge dump while reading this

  • poncho

    I'm not trying to be "that guy" but i'm calling BS. he owes these people 11,000 and claims he's been "looking for them for years"?

    yeah, sorry, no.

  • http://www.salary-money.com/steve-harvey-salary-85000000.php Tom

    Tears of joy, something money can't buy! http://www.salary-money.com/steve-harvey-salary-8

  • drew

    However, it seems that he did forget, saying he has been looking for them…..I mean they couldn't have been that hard to find. Looks like he hasnt talked to them since he made it big.

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