Video game logic plays by its own rules (44 Photos)

  • sbar7

    #43 Cop's thinking "oh hey, st-….huh, ok then." *goes on like nothing happened*

  • aDoughnut

    actually #32 is not true

  • jonny

    What game is number 21 from?

  • 1_eye

    I am not 12 anymore. Where are the half naked chicks?

    • JackBurton

      One of the other 14,000 pic links on here.

    • Penal_Colony

      Judging by your question, I have a hard time believing you are not 12.

      • David

        Exactly what I was thinking!!!

  • ChodeLauncher

    #43 I laughed at this clip for a long time, not sure why

    • Phil_Is_Stein

      Brilliant. I love how the guy grabs his heads, drops his groceries and dashes away.

      This must be GTA4 or Epic Pinball or something.

    • Chillbro Swaggins

      me too

  • MissVega84

    #8 Fallout 3 Logic and #9 Battlefield logic….I still adore those games ❤

  • Toby

    Are most Chivers gamers?

  • gamer

    what game is 21

  • MattKL

    #14 #21 Makes sense to me.

  • Canucks_Rule

    #21 – this is true? if so, game designers nowadays are just perverts. lol.

    • hurr durr

      Sex sells.

    • David

      Either that or they know EXACTLY who to market the games for. 😉

      What is the average gamers age and gender nowadays?
      65 year old female?

      Didn't think so.

      • Canucks_Rule


  • hurr durr

    Playing Call of Duty: Human logic that shall never be understood

  • Mike

    Haha this whole gallery was epic! I loved it.

  • @julesmarie310

    this had me cracking up! especially #7 and #10 … those dam Nazi zombies!

  • @LosSaysSwag

    I fucking love these.

  • The Count

    38, 38 REPOSTS AH AH AH

    38/44 New record!

  • JoeyW311

    If by sucks you mean probably the best site in the world!… You obviously can't understand the meaning of a chiver. Feel free to stick with where u will fit in nicely. Biotch! I said it for you Blake.

  • AllWorded

    You guys are all idiots trying to prove the editor's wrong. They are just having fun. While you highnosed critics are party poopers.

  • Kyle

    #40 Still a better love story than Twilight

  • Taylor

    I'm surprised none of these have to deal with healing.
    For example, "Oh shit, about to die. Better eat a candy bar. Much better."
    Or chickens/cuccos… most dangerous enemy ever.

  • ThePatriot

    #40 happened to me once…

  • Mr.J

    Which game is #6?

  • Ishbar

    #2 Yeah, because Cloud and Barret are badass!

  • WheresMyElefant

    Skyrim Logic:
    Massacre a whole town.

    Two days in jail.

  • Melkhiordarkblade

    Carrying a crowbar, an axe, a sledge hammer, some grenades, a flame thrower and a rocket launcher.
    No lockpicks, I guess I have to go back home.

  • JackBurton

    What games are #6, #12?

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