Can you guess the father of this little rascal? (12 Photos)

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  • papperdollcollage

    thank you chive for blowing my mind for the day..

  • SteveS

    #8. Needs to get his roots done.

  • blue_bronco

    So nic cage is buckwheat's dad?

  • Huey

    Are we 100% sure that Helena Christensen isn't the mother?

  • m.c.

    Wait… so doesn't that mean Lisa Marie is his mother… and… and… Elvis is his Grandfather?!?!?!

  • Huey

    Are we 100% sure that Helena Christensen isn't the mother?
    *meant #2, not #7*

  • m.c.

    they weren't together long enough ago… this is how rumors get started…

  • Bob

    #11 poor Nic, maybe the kid will grow up and stop being weird

  • Guest

    That is one sorry-looking dude…

  • curmudgeon

    only humans can have human fathers. nuff said.

  • dead odb

    funniest post i think I've ever seen. Im still fucking laughing.

  • TrustME

    If I was Cage's son, I would have turned out the same way.

  • shadowwight

    I was going to guess he was Cher and Ozzy's love child 😉

  • Don Semora

    Man…. To know you ejaculated that out…. I feel for Nick…..

  • Billig

    Just look at the disappointment in Cage's face…..


  • Nervous

    #2 Snooki?

  • Pruitt, Adam

    Daddy wasn't there…

  • Shmedley

    How nice of him to help that guy up!

  • Ross

    this guy has long hair and wears some leather. he's obviously a dumb psychopath satan worshipper right? RIGHT?

    just chill out before you stereotype metal fans…
    oh and btw some guy was basically implying you have to be poor or have a hard life to write dark music thats clearly bullshit if you listen to music written by some of the classical composers who had wealthy backgrounds

  • Peter

    Bob Dole?

  • Atom819

    I thought it was Undertaker's son or something lmao

  • Aztecsfan

    Where's photo of him getting the crap kicked out him by his personal trainer?

  • Jose_Ariel

    I didn't know this Suburban goth offspring of Nicholas Coppola had enough fame to warrant a paparazzi to tail him, and to beat up said photog.

  • Henry

    His step father is actually the front man for Dimmu Borgir so that's where the darkness aspect came from XD

  • mrmostlymittens

    Someone's got daddy issues.

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