Can you guess the father of this little rascal? (12 Photos)

  • Slappy

    Well, that escalated quickly…

  • Bob

    #1 His dad is Neil Patrick Harris (my guess). Are there prizes if I'm correct?

  • Benjy

    I got a pretty weird story about that dude

  • Odintorr

    You ever been dragged out into the street and beaten until you PISS BLOOD!?!?

  • HJRO

    He was also in Lord of War as that young Ukrainian mechanic who takes the guns off the helicopter, and apparently in two black metal bands….so nothing good then.

  • jonesy

    Parenting… epic fail

  • A BiPolar Guy

    Nic Cage is great!. He makes lots of fun, entertaining movies that are worth watching more than once. (sometimes when he goes too far over the top, that's fun too.) That's all I really ask out of a movie. Some want different things that may please me also or leave me cold, but I've no breath to waste hating.

  • Fred

    #7 someone pitching a tent?

  • Michael

    #2 had me thinking Jack Black.

  • NikkeD

    I guessed the undertaker

  • mark

    Wow how about that.

  • Buckethead

    Can't help but laugh at that guy

  • Busternut

    A dickhole of the highest order.

  • justin


  • jOb

    #8 ……."Please take my virginity off of your camera!!"

  • Peter


  •   a

    I actually knew the answer because I saw the 2 of them sitting ringside at an MMA event. The kid certainly has bulked up since then though.

  • yermon


  • damienod

    his father is louis gosset jnr holy shit. 😀

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  • TheChris

    was it the undertaker? i bet its the undertaker

  • Dx2

    Just more proof that Nick Cage is a vampire and the Anti-Christ. Silly Coppolas, with their black masses and human sacrifices……

    His black metal (esque) band isn't bad, actually. Of course, most people who are into black metal will say it sucks because it's not "kvlt", but like any other genre of music, it's over run with elitist a-holes who think they're some kind of authority on what constitutes good music. Blaaarrgghh….

  • WTF

    Thought that #2 was one of the olson twins. dead serious

  • BallsOfSteel

    I shall name him….Douche Rider!

  • egon

    Met the guy at a bar with the rest of his band…started screaming and growling like an asshole. Bouncer totally kicked him out. It was funny

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