I have a dream today (34 Photos)

  • HoustonChiver

    Where is the DMA??

  • Jay

    Wow Chive. You guys are actually putting up MLK pics. MLK spoke about equality and ending segregation, something the Chive still continues to do. Why do you hardly put any black women in your posts? Why do you instead segregate them and put them in a "Black is Beautiful" section? I don't see any "White is Beautiful" section, instead I see Mind the Gap, Hump Day etc. Integrate Chive. From a Canadian Chiver.

    • Februaryistheworst

      And here comes the lectures. I'm going to have to sit and listen to them all next month too.

      • Stephen

        Get real buddy. As log things aren't truly equal no one is truly happy. Just because you can't see inequality doesn't mean everything is hunky-dorey.

    • ChiverOnFoot

      Lately, I've been seeing a lot more black women in regular posts, not marked separately, like the beautiful Chivers posts, etc. The site is mostly user submission driven, can't predict how many of one race is submitting their pics.

    • Snoop Luon

      Preach on brother! Tell that white man he the devil! Preach on black panther!

    • Dr. Evil

      Christ, I thought we had gotten rid of this idiot.

      As a frame of reference, this think-he-knows-it-all had his Twitter account suspended for harassing anyone who mentioned the Chive.

      He'd accuse the Chive of objectifying women then turn around and call the girls who posted images here crude names.

      And don't let that image fool you, he's likely a guilty white liberal who thinks that year and a half of community college he has under his belt has given him all the answers.

    • McBeastie666

      There are so many things in this world to get upset about and to try to change. Where the Chive posts white boobs vs. black boobs is not one of them. I'm sure if there were more black women submitting photos to the Chive, they would post them. Get over it and find a real cause to devote your time to.

  • Andy Valentine

    For someone who fought so hard for racial equality, photos of him sure are very black and white.

    (Yes, I'm aware that he lived in a time before colour photography, but this is a joke, you see)

  • jeremy

    all i hear is people complaining about no chive posts but i see a good chive post about good messages that we should all embrace because a good man died for a good cause. thank you and love all yall motha fuckers

  • boob_cuddler

    #26 and he did die for what he believed in.

  • Thanks

    Great gallery, thank you for it.

  • Kyle

    #26 Am I allowed to live if I'm willing to get mildly injured for something?

    • Spike

      not sure why you got thumbed down. That is pretty funny.

  • Iso

    The quote in #24 should overlay the image in #13

  • Haha

    Haha it's so sad seeing people celebrate this. Wake up already Martin Luther king hasn't fulfilled his dream and never will.

  • matty

    I firmly believe that if Dr. King were alive today, to see what has become of his dream for equality, to see how it has been taken and morphed into a "everyone else is to blame for our problems" mindset, he would be greatly saddened.

    • Stephen

      It hasn't "morphed" into anything. What you witness as a blame train are those who follow a different message. There are some who still follow the first. Don't get it twisted, bro.

    • mmsavior4

      You should go ahead and say what you really mean, that black people make excuses for their failures and that there is no more discrimination and candy grows on trees and that your not repeating some half witted statement you heard some idiot say. Learn how the world really works and one day you can be upgraded from paper towel level intellect to potato.

  • LOL U Mad?

    LOL,, Did Not Read

  • MiLK

    so to be a great public speaker all you have to do is repeat sentences in your speaches, hun

  • dom

    these are not the future lower back problems i was looking for

  • Hrdwood

    "…where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character."

    I didn't see this one in the post… that's ok. I'll keep looking for it out in the real world.

  • Joel

    What about all the times he cheated on his wife? What about the alcohol abuse at home and the repercussions on his family because of it? There's a lot of history not in the spotlight from MLK (not including the plagiarism included in his speeches and books), so take it all with a grain of salt.

    • Stephen

      Lol you mean all the propoganda produced by the CIA to discredit him in his prime? He even addressed the rumors himself. Read a book dude. lol

    • pogogogo

      And I suppose you have no faults to be able to call him on such a thing…

  • Ryan

    It is very surprising to see the amount of ignorance in so many individuals. White people…black people…,you know what ? Just every kind of people. So many people don't educate themselves and therefore are very ignorant in their ways. Education these days are honey boo boo and teen mom from tv..

  • freddy boy

    You missed the pics of his girlfriends, Chive.

  • SnakemanDan85

    GO PATS!!


    • dom


      • SnakemanDan85


  • dedubs

    #13 was staged

  • dan

    he was a real ladies man

    • pogogogo

      so was Benjamin Franklin. Their faults do not negate the good they did.

  • chuck

    #13 Here is the story behind that picture. A sad reminder that mental health issues are the number one issue for the homeless.

  • Shane

    The Chive created a great post to honor a great man and all you guys can talk about is how you don't get to see titties today. You have the entire rest of the internet to look at if you want to see titties. Quit bitching.

  • mrmostlymittens

    #13 The guy isn't actually homeless. He has an apartment paid for by various sources. He has a family who would gladly take him in but he chooses to beg on the street. So yeah…

    • Idk

      Doesn't make the cops intentions any less admirable.

      • mrmostlymittens

        I was just making the point that this man needs mental help, not shoes.

    • Frank

      And makes the caption all the more fitting.

  • Bum juice

    The chive takes off for MLK day? How many internet blog sites take off work for a week around xmas and any other holiday? Seriously how hard is your job…

  • Bill

    He cheated on his wife, not that great of a man

    • Fish

      Seriously? Clinton cheated on his Wife too, but he's still a great man, just like Kennedy. MLK was a great man regardless. It's none of our business what these men did in their bedroom. Doesn't and shouldn't matter.

    • mmsavior4

      You're like the fourth guy to reference that. So his work and trying to gain equality should be overlooked by that? He still did good, but you're just focused on one thing. Go die

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