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  • ??????

    Wasn't it proven that he had children with other women while still married? Good voice for a great cause! Any murder is unfortunate but is he worth martyrdom? Just another high profile preacher with baggage. BELIEF in GOD 1 x eternity – subjective religious opinion 0!!!

  • Bob25

    Where is the DMA?

    Isn't this just keeping racism alive? Most people that were slaves are dead by now. Let it drop. Keep shoving it in my face and I'll keep hitting back (until we get a white power day for equality sake).

    • mmsavior4

      Seriously? I never heard mlk say black power, slaver has been over for a long time but the effects of it have been long lastin thanks to sopositories like you. And i'm sure white power day would include lots if uses of offensive language. But if you're so eager im sure you can join your local clan rally.

  • ???????

    Wasn't it proven that he had children with other women while still married? Good voice for a great cause

  • Dingbat

    Damned if you do, damned if you don't . I don't think "the Berry" got the stay in bed memo.

    Being English I don't know a great deal about MLK, other than he stood up for what he believed in. What I find hard to believe is that he had to fight for those beliefs at all. What where you thinking America?

    • Fish

      In the 50's and 60's, America wasn't thinking at all. Those were the Modern Dark Ages.

    • Idk

      Don't think you should judge. We had slavery in America even before the revolution when we were under English rule. It's also very ignorant you ask what America was thinking when there were a lot of people who did not support segregation but were forced to conform just like we are today with unfair laws. There were many white protesters who were beaten and killed marching for the end of segregation but they are never acknowledged and its always painted as a "white vs black" issue instead of what it actually was which is a "informed vs ignorant" issue. Like you said, you obviously aren't informed at all on this issue so I think next time you shouldn't be so eager to show your ignorance.

  • Dennis

    Nice post Chive. Well done.

  • Nick

    Anybody know what "dr" Martin Luther king received his doctorate in? That's like the communications doctorate

  • Justlikemypoop

    THIS IS BULLSHIT!!! Chive and a lot of other people are just using this day as an excuse not to have do any real work. This day is not meant for that.

  • anonymous

    Happy Robert E. Lee day

  • C Placher/ MO Chiver

    Black is beautiful would have been more motivation for the people at work today

  • toddo37

    IF theChive isnt posting it probably means John and Co. are out there doing what they do, helping (and drinking) others. I find myself wanting to do something better for myself today because of all these quotes. Respect to this man and all like him. Imagine if he was still with us, he may have been the first black pres and not Obama

    • mmsavior4

      Obama is half white for christ's sake. How can a black person have a white parent? That's basic math and basic biology. People call him a black president because they are idiots.

      • toddo37

        this reply is so full of troll it belongs under a bridge.

  • Fish

    Excellent post, Chive. Appropriate that Obama's being sworn in today. It's a very good day

  • MRC

    44 years after Dr. King's death, millions of African-Americans are *still* trapped in high-crime,/low-education-standards,/one-Party ghettos — with "leaders" representing that Party rather than the People. Black Americans are far worse off — by every conceivable economic measure — under the present administration than they were before. As long as the throngs still vote for, and cheer, their Oppressors, Rev. King's beautiful Dream will continue to be deferred.

    • Fish

      What absolute fucking rubbish. According to whose statistics and polls? Fox News? You are an Idiot.

  • Doesn't matter

    Wow all those speeches and all he accomplished was a chain of ignorance and a holiday most don't give a shit about.

  • SteveG86

    so that means you are getting paid to sit and do nothing except peruse the internet. KCCO and quit yer bitchin

  • Casey

    #5 are words to live by. KCCO.

  • darkohanzo

    "in the end we will remember not the words of our enemies but the silence of our friends" – My favorite Martin Luther King quote

  • TheBetterMan

    A Great man with a Great message honored by a Great site, Happy Martin Luther King Day, now get out there and love on someone:)

  • Science

    Thing is Chive you would have been the white devil back in those days. Chive you are still considered the white devil now. You think hard about how blacks consider you the white devil. You think hard about how you're hated by people you don't even know simply because of the color of your skin. Chive you try to understand that you are hated by black people in this country because of slavery, try to understand that no matter what you do there will be blacks in America that only see you as the white devil.

    • Miller0700

      Take your racism somewhere else…

  • Hugh

    Dr. King said to judge people on the content of their character. and not the color of their skin. i'd love to see this happen. Too often the people are getting divided into different groups. lets export out race hustlers. and come together as Americans. as brothers and sisters.

    • Idk

      The thing is, even if we were all the same color, it wouldn't change a thing. It's an unfortunate aspect of human nature that we always have to find dividing lines. It's how most define their value. Whether its skin color, hair color, eye color, height ,weight, sex, where you live, where you were born, what you do for a living, how much shit you have ect ect ect people have always and will always continue to put themselves in groups and judge others who are not in said group. There is literally no way around it.

  • Tim

    He was a great man to say the least, and see to some of the comments that people have left, saddens me. He tried to inspire change, justice and liberty, its pathetic that people can be so self absorbed, especially on a day that is dedicated to a man who died for what he believed in. #26

  • sean

    The welfare system has once again enslaved the black people. Not too mention that the majority of black males over the ages of 18 have been in jail at least once.
    Unlike the other races a big majority of the black male race has yet to fully understand the meaning of the word "responsibility."

    • mmsavior4

      Fox news intern eh? How big is ann coulters dick?

  • http://www.facebook.com/BigChief117 Shawn Constantine Johnstone

    Chive on King, Chive on.

  • YBinc

    HEY, I have an idea! Lets celebrate the one thing that is tearing this country apart! MULTICULTURALISM!!!!

  • Aaron

    The surest way to find happiness is to find it in others?
    Whatever makes you feel better, Malcom.

    Happiness is having a good bank account, a good doctor, a good lawyer and a good cook.

  • jamie

    I have a dream that one day black males will learn to become responsible fathers and providers so that the cycle of producing violent, uncaring black male youth will end.

    • mmsavior4

      I have a dream that one day idiots like you will stop basing their views of an entire group of people based on the ignorance of certain members of that group, and cease to seek out the shortcomings of said group. And speaking of violence, do you remember what species you are?

    • Tunie

      That cycle began in Slavery when fathers were separated from families. I won't direct you to a history book, because that would be too dense for you. If you read the novel, Uncle Tom's Cabin you would get an example of it. Slaves couldn't be married or have fathers or even mothers for a reason. By the way Jamie, you will be dead soon. Did you know that?

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