I have a dream today (34 Photos)

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  • jamie

    I have a dream that one day black males will learn to become responsible fathers and providers so that the cycle of producing violent, uncaring black male youth will end.

    • mmsavior4

      I have a dream that one day idiots like you will stop basing their views of an entire group of people based on the ignorance of certain members of that group, and cease to seek out the shortcomings of said group. And speaking of violence, do you remember what species you are?

    • Tunie

      That cycle began in Slavery when fathers were separated from families. I won't direct you to a history book, because that would be too dense for you. If you read the novel, Uncle Tom's Cabin you would get an example of it. Slaves couldn't be married or have fathers or even mothers for a reason. By the way Jamie, you will be dead soon. Did you know that?

  • fsdfw4

    MLK would have been a fan of theChive since he had a liking for sexy white women.

  • Amy

    Thank you, Chive

  • david

    White guilt? LOL!
    Grow some balls dude.

  • Smartin

    In 2011 %83 of violent crimes in America were black on white crimes. %62 of white people attacked in 2011 were shot at by black people. %77 of people incarceration are black, 1 in 3 black men in America goto prison. Racism is alive and well but it's victim has changed color.

    • Miller0700

      Care to give sources as to the stats or how these crimes are correlated to racism?

      • mmsavior4

        He probably got them from stormfront. Or from some other racist idiot. He did'nt mention that there are more black men in college than in prison, so i am inclined to believe his statistics come from the stall of a convinient store restroom.

      • FUCK U

        GOOGLE IT BITCH!!!

        • Miller0700

          Why should I? It's not my job to make sure he knows exactly what he's talking about. He should be able to prove his own sayings true not me.

          • Frank

            "It's not my job to attempt to educate myself. "


            • Miller0700

              LOL, it's my job to research people's work for them when they refuse to cite their own fucking sources. xD

  • GeoQuin4

    Shouldn't there be an African American FLBP today?

  • Myself

    Chive. You lazy bastards.

  • Max

    #21 Hitting the white one huh?!

  • MilkingItDaily

    A black man on the chive?! That's preposterous…

  • Barry

    Lazy goof off Chive staff takes the day off while the rest of us have to work. Maybe its time to find another blog that really cares about those that follow it and not be all about raping the merchandise.

  • Mondays

    Every other minority in this country or that has come to this country has prospered compared to the blacks. Italians, germans, irish, etc.. they were treated like shit as well. Black people ruin every place they breed. Look at Detroit, was once a great thriving city until the mondays took over.

  • jawbone

    I always enjoy such holidays, for the Chive never lets me down in the comment section.

  • AnItalianChiver

    I promised myself to not comment on this post. The reason is pretty simple, sometimes it’s better to shut your mouth and let the pics talk for you. But after reading the comments I came to the conclusion that good part of theChive community ( at least the commenting one) is formed by little horny boys who don’t give a single fuck about important matters like this one.
    Sure, I am a lover of beautiful girls but the life doesn’t consist only of “MOARRRR, I WANNA SEE YOU NAKEDDDD, I WOULD LOVE TO PUT MY… SHARE YOUR ASS WITH ME” and shit like that.
    Alec did a great job as he always does and I really hope to see more posts like this in the future.
    Henley, nanard, ChiTownChiver, socalmarti and few others, unfortunately they can’t do nothing against a platoon of uncaring dbags. [oh, FLBP post.. now you can go to masterdebate :D]
    now downvote this like you did when I mentioned the liberty of thoughts and discussion🙂 LoL
    #5 #28 for the message. Keep Calm and Care More.

    • Mondays

      Fuck you, Sir.

  • zgl

    i especially liked #2

  • Bob

    This is a great post. But just curious, did you guys fact check first? MLK is one of the most misquoted famous people on the internet. ~Mark Twain

  • InTheFlesh

    Even today there are those we still have to fight equality for And still it is put off This economy needs to be recovered This war needs to be dealt with There will be time There are more important things right now What does any of it matter if the people are not free All of them

  • jess

    Would love to see black males start taking responsibility for the children they produce instead of leaving them with the mother and the welfare system.

  • Sherlock Holmes

    #12 and #24 truth

  • Canucks_Rule

    #1 – regardless of ur politics, no one can deny he was a great man.

  • Oilfieldtrash76

    #1 Paying 70k a year in income taxes.

  • Tim

    Actually, Raegan signed today into law as a holiday so he's the one responsible. Also, MLK would not have wanted to people taking the day off for his sake.

  • Randy

    This day is just a joke just like our president.

  • Randy

    This day has been a big joke

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  • Silverstone

    I had a dream.
    But it didn't come true…..we still remember him.

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