80 days later, Hurricane Sandy destruction is still palpable (26 Photos)

  • mike

    New Orleans is still devastated, why the hell should this area be treated at better?

    • sandy astroglide

      $123 Billion has been set aside for New Orleans, over $90 Billion of which has been spent.

  • Bitter

    Nearly 7 Years Later, New Orleans is still working at recovery.

    I'm broken hearted for the people affected by Sandy, really, but it's not a unique situation.

    And notice none of us said to NY/NJ — "you built a city right on the ocean, you need to close it down and move it".

    • Mike

      Building a city near a body of water is quite different from building a city BELOW sea level and using a fragile system of levees that aren't equipped for a major hurricane to keep the water out of it.

      Sandy was a disaster that surprised a lot of people…..Katrina was an unfortunate example of how simple physics works.

      You CANNOT fight the ocean/gulf. It's going to win every single time. When your house is near sea level, only a monster storm surge will wash it out…..when your house is BELOW sea level….GRAVITY will wash it out.

  • von Mises

    It wasn't even a hurricane when it landed, AND people had a week to prepare. Just wait until the Obama economic collapse.

  • Lower 9th ward

    New Orleans east looks like that today…7 years later. I have no pity for these people.

  • Permanent Guest

    As horrible as Sandy was, there are areas in upstate NY still trying to rebuild from Irene.

  • Canucks_Rule

    #4 – wow.

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