80 days later, Hurricane Sandy destruction is still palpable (26 Photos)

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  • GeoQuin4

    I'm not so sure why this is such a big deal. One year after a tornado smashed Western Massachusetts, Springfield, MA and Monson, MA were still in shambles and to this day (1.5 yrs later), are still screwed. Then the same area was hit by a hurricane, then a massive October storm in 2011, and is still yet to recover from those. Missouri was smashed my a Tornado a couple of years ago and still looks worse than New Jersey… so why are we paying more attention to this?

    I don't want to make it like I'm dismissing the Sandy devastation, it is absolutely terrible… I just don't really understand why this gets so much attention.

    • Idk

      Because the people affected are much more vocal. I remember some older lady on a news clip I saw. She was from Statin island and she kept screaming "where's our help? You can't just leave us here to die" with that accent. They painted it as a tragic tale of a group of hapless and helpless people but they neglected to mention those people had advanced notice and chose to stay despite the governments best attempts at getting them to evacuate. That's on them and them alone and yet there they were on the news screaming about it.

      That's exactly why it's a bigger issue my friend.

  • mike

    New Orleans is still devastated, why the hell should this area be treated at better?

    • sandy astroglide

      $123 Billion has been set aside for New Orleans, over $90 Billion of which has been spent.

  • Bitter

    Nearly 7 Years Later, New Orleans is still working at recovery.

    I'm broken hearted for the people affected by Sandy, really, but it's not a unique situation.

    And notice none of us said to NY/NJ — "you built a city right on the ocean, you need to close it down and move it".

    • Mike

      Building a city near a body of water is quite different from building a city BELOW sea level and using a fragile system of levees that aren't equipped for a major hurricane to keep the water out of it.

      Sandy was a disaster that surprised a lot of people…..Katrina was an unfortunate example of how simple physics works.

      You CANNOT fight the ocean/gulf. It's going to win every single time. When your house is near sea level, only a monster storm surge will wash it out…..when your house is BELOW sea level….GRAVITY will wash it out.

  • von Mises

    It wasn't even a hurricane when it landed, AND people had a week to prepare. Just wait until the Obama economic collapse.

  • Lower 9th ward

    New Orleans east looks like that today…7 years later. I have no pity for these people.

  • Permanent Guest

    As horrible as Sandy was, there are areas in upstate NY still trying to rebuild from Irene.

  • Canucks_Rule

    #4 – wow.

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