Another wonderful car wash. Sure, why not? (43 Photos)

  • Nick

    Does anyone else notice how dated these pictures are judging on the cars? These girls are probably in their mid 30's now with multiple kids and overweight. Lol.

    • nope

      not a single car less than 10 years old…

      • hey

        I would not let them touch my car! Getting on top of it, dropping sponge's on the ground

    • nananamatman

      I'm VERY sure this is in Springfield, MO. The pics aren't dated… our town is

  • mike d

    merton auto body

  • trucks

    #29 keep dreamin pervy looking guy in jorts…

  • chivester

    #6 why can't I see more of the blonde in the black bikini?…now shut up and take my money girls

  • Guest

    Were these pictures taken in Oklahoma ? Straight trash

    • orl

      The License Plates on the cars read Missouri. Your aim was a little off to the southwest.

    • nananamatman

      Springfield, MO

  • 5.0


    Please naked wrestle me!!

  • JetBuilder777

    #30 find her.

  • tim

    #14-nice natural perky breast

    rest of them obviously havent saved enough $ to by them some boobs yet

  • Cavanaugh

    #16 #36 #40 Now my thoughts need washing

  • Jesus Christ

    #10 I didn't know anyone drove woodies anymore. Id be not to happy if I was #34. Now he has to get in his freshly cleaned car soaking wet and get the seats all f-ed up.

  • Chuck Schick

    They'll never get that fish smell off the pavement.

  • Jeff

    This is definitely from the 90's. Gotta love the good ol days.

  • Miracle_Man

    What vault did these come out of? Everything in these photos scream 2004 or earlier. Not that I'm complaining about the sharing of pictures of girls in bikinis but come on, you can't tell me there isn't newer material to use.

  • Dusty

    27 28 32 33 black bikini please find me !!! Steller Style!

  • RustyxTrombone

    #33#43 need more

  • jamie

    #13 #15 #32 That Toe !!

  • Guest

    Half of these photos were posted last year… I recognize the wet dream actors.::

  • Tim

    #20 #38 the beautiful woman in the white bikini, MOAR, for the love of all things, please find her

  • zack

    Nice to see Missouri well represented with the rednecks rocking the jorts!

  • FuckChive

    The bathing suits, sunglasses, belly chain and cars all point to the fact that is was some weirdo car wash in the late 90s. All these girls are odd looking and this post was a waste of all of our time. If i waned to look at mediocre-ugly girls with no curves I'd watch amateur porn, which is what this looks like a prelude to

  • Keith_D

    #34- If I saw a guy wearing a My Chemical Romance shirt, I'd spray him with a hose, too

  • @LosSaysSwag

    This isn't the same gallery?

  • Yak Surfer

    #29 Hand cuffs go on in 3…2…1….

  • LBF 4 ever

    fucking awesome

  • nananamatman

    HOOTERS of Springfield!

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