Daily Afternoon Randomness (49 Photos)

  • Guest 12

    #12 ببخشید

  • guest 12

    #11, ببخشید

  • NickDanger3deye

    #34 misspelled "Iowa"

  • dorn

    Ann Perkins! #13

  • Burn4Me

    #21 I am proud to be Canadian

  • Mack Norris

    #11 MORA, MORA, MORA. I love a woman in uniform!!!!

  • nuccabay

    #47 i hope you told her to give us some moar!!!

  • John

    Picture 16 makes me weep for America.

  • A Cat Named Mittens


  • Pikesville

    #15 THIS!

  • Frank

    STOP! Don't do anything else to that ass. It is absolute perfection. Maintain. Maintain. Maintain. Also…

  • Mikey

    Simply amazing, there are no words

    • Daisey :)

      Thanks Hun;) #37

  • http://60daysofhell.wordpress.com/ goldengekko1

    #35 haha yeah….. thats it……. SNOW in the sign HA! 😀

  • J-Ha

    #37 thank you for all the hard work & #50 moar!

  • Kris

    Well done, 37! Well done!

  • John

    #33 i just moved to stl where is that, what time is it happening?

  • Rock Lobster

    Does nobody realize that this is a picture taken in France?
    I saw a simulator with this picture today in class that my professor told me was from France.

  • sagasha

    Ohio blows. Except for Cedar Point of course. Sandusky should try to secede from the rest of that state down there. It's just in the way of me getting somewhere nice like Kentucky, Tennessee or Virginia.


  • Mr Smee

    #29 Clinton hasn't changed.

  • calgary

    canadian chivett,s rock,, turn em lose chivette,s.. aye,, snow,flake,s on nipple,s .. that,s what i wana, sea, haaaa,,

  • Daisy :)

    Thanks boys i do it for you guys(:
    Love your #37<3
    There will be more soon 😉

    • Rider

      Nice ass 🙂 love the work you have done

  • Riel

    Fat Chael Sonnen?

    • Riel


  • Dr. Evil

    Wait, there's a dog in that picture?

  • Jason

    #37 #50 well done!!

  • Adam

    #33. STL BABY!!!!!!!!! GO BLUES

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