Get a good night sleep tonight (32 Photos)

  • steve-O

    god damn it leo….i have an exam in the morning. thanks a lot

  • bMoles

    Ok well its the middle of the day and my left leg is now numb from fear. The Middle of the fucking day!

  • socalmarti

    #4 and #12 Typical Catholics! 😉

    • RobTalk


  • Skinny

    #29 Isn't this the tribute to fallen African slaves?

  • Colin

    How about a great big WTF for #6

  • Euroranger

    #21 Pooping time!

  • curmudgeon

    #8 It's obvious the child had a mental and/or physical disability. Yet here you are putting it up for humorous intent. You are one sick bahstard and not only ought to ashamed for you lack of sensitivity but fired as well. Maybe you think this is funny, but most thinking, feeling intelligent people don't.

    • Darth Helmet

      Mr. Curm, how do you know that for sure? You shouldn't accuse somebody of being a sick "bahstard" while not knowing ANY facts. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

    • ItsJustAPicture..

      Relax Frances….

    • Sir Cadogen

      Why is it obvious? Looks to me equally possible he was just mugging for the camera. Also, isn't it rather insensitive on your part to make a mockery of Leo's parentage? Children can't help if they were born out of wedlock. Plus, you slighted his intelligence with that bit about thinking and feeling and whatnot. People don't pick their IQs, you know. And to wish someone would lose his job in this economy–well that's just cruel. You should be ashamed of your own self. You appear to be not just a curmudgeon, but a horrible person.

    • pogogogo

      "It's a jump to conclusions mat!"

    • savagemutt

      Assuming you're not just trolling…

      Its actually a pretty famous shot, and no the child wasn't disabled.

  • RooFeeOOO

    #14 Disney's Country Bear Jamboree. I find nothing wrong with that.

  • Darth Helmet

    #2. Every..single…one of those mother fuckers are looking at you. No thank you.

  • Jeff

    #29 is an underwater sculpture in Grenada. Not sure why that would be scary, but whatever.

  • LBF 4 ever


  • louistulley

    These posts are just like boob posts, except it affects the back of your pants instead of the front.

  • Tim

    #22 is really creepy. looks like someone out of black hole sun video, and #3 is just…its just wrong

  • Gursch

    this post was really cool. keep it up.

  • WillyB

    Can't believe i'm getting paid to sit here and read this shit

    • Jamar

      I'm tryna get paid too.

  • Aroo?

    #5 : John Stamos?

  • AnItalianChiver

    Fuck it. I still got 200 pages to study. A restful sleep? Not needed. Thanks Chive 🙂

  • prostreet68

    #8 cool. Looks like the SNFU album cover.

  • Mark S Man

    #3 WTF?
    #11 "Here's a sock, Dobbie. GTFO."

  • Jay

    What are we pussies? Post this on The Berry

  • pogogogo

    can't sleep… clown will eat me…

  • snyper

    #12 = FACT

  • its_forge

    #28 looks like something from one of TOOL's videos

  • Dr. Gonzo


  • Aaron

    We call it: "The Aristocrats!"

    • Ta-da

      well done sir

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