I gotta get me a goofy girl (33 Photos)



    • Clayton Bigsby


    • Texans

      Pats will never win another super bowl.

    • AnItalianChiver

      Dude, did you lubrificate your anus before the game? Because you know… Lewis and Flacco analed you pretty hard this time. And where is Brady? Still crying alone in a corner? kcco and enjoy the super bowl XLVII

      • GO PATS

        Yea I lubrificated myself why?

  • Tillman61

    #8 I like her. Pretty, freckles, red hair, big.. hat.


    #25.. You just gave me an idea… Hold still.

  • Darrell


    I've got big balls, you've got big balls, he's got big balls, and she's got big balls

    • Wilson

      But the Chives got the biggest balls of them all.

      • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

        Sorry, they belong to Taylor Morris…

    • Bhodi

      Obviously you're not a golfer

      • Beardstache

        Nice marmot.

  • jmonster

    #4 looks like she might use that expression a lot if you know what I mean…

  • sux2beu

    Strange, most of them are blonde..

  • HerrOberst

    #17 Perfect!!!!

    • Nelson Pancakes

      Who uses Doritos as foundation?

      • dstjjrju


    • Weagle


  • G_Had


    • Hara

      w/a baseball bat?

  • Jayavc

    #8 I want to party with her!

    • Her


  • BigPup

    #21 Room for 2?

    • TeleKenetek

      The hs is fir high school. That makes you a pedo

      • BigPup

        Wanna know the best thing about high school girls?… I keep getting older, and they stay the same age.

  • TheAssMan

    #3 Nice of you to light up the landing strip

  • Mitch

    Please find #5 must have moar

  • damon

    #17. find her! Moar… now!

    • DaddyD

      Really? With painted on eyebrows and enough pancake make-up to sink a small ship? No thank you.

      • Mike Hunt

        Don't forget about the Daisy Duck.

  • NebraskaGuy

    #30 I know of another cherry I'd like to lick 😉

    • Kristen

      There hasn't been a cherry there since age 12.

      • Chiverjoe

        A popped cherry is still a cherry

  • Murph

    #6 Once you go Shark, you never go back…. Because there is nothing to go back with.

  • Mike

    #3 redefines the term "fire crotch".

  • Nala

    Thanks for one of these posts with lots of actually goofy girls! Just a few, "Look at me sticking out my tongue! Ain't I GOOFY?!?" this time.

    Though, what's with "I'm holding a pancake! Isn't that GOOFY?"

    • chiver

      I was thankful for the lack of hipster glasses and mustaches, definitely more goofy ones in this post, keep it up Chivettes!

  • Brian


    Goofy tan lines

    • Kristen

      On an ugly whore.

      • Dawn

        The best you ever had…..you know what i m saying??..hahaha!

  • @chive_crazy

    #21 Making us Missouri #chivers proud.

  • Bob

    honestly, im getting kinda tired of the chive. its almost entirely girls girls girls these days.

    seriously, if you want to look at naked girls, there's the other 95% of the internet that doest it much much better.

    where did the class the chive used to have go?

    • lat297

      Honestly – there have been 9 galleries posted today 22nd January 2013. Of those, 2 have been about girls. One was goofy girls, the other was sports pants.

      If you're gay, just say it. We won't judge you. Just stop pissing on our fireworks…

      • moses

        You mean yoga pants

        • Hara

          I can relate, but fully half of the Chive posts are funny shit, and they're the funniest shit I see.
          It's a good average, even if I just gloss over the boobs on sticks stuff.

      • Bob

        care to count again now that the day is over?

    • Bhodi

      I suggest you visit TheBerry

    • Guest

      I agree with Bob..these girls kind of overdo it. It's the same type too. The blonde or brunette skinny stick figure with fake boobs or pushup bras standing pigeon toed in front of mirrors pouting their lips or doing the hand bra.. It gets annoying ..attention craved girls are annoying

    • http://twitter.com/LosSaysSwag @LosSaysSwag

      It's okay. You can always look forward to Friday when "Chivers pay back their Chivettes."

  • Meat

    #8 Holy shit. MOAR

    • bzdd

      Really???? Why????

      • Kristen

        Because she's a WHOAR!!!

  • moses

    For some reason… and I don't know why, I consider this to be a dumb post

    • jhhvg

      Me too– one of my least favorites

    • Bum juice

      That's cuz it's a stupid post

    • Eetown

      Always seems fake or forced

  • andrew2172

    #33 That is actually super impressive cause I feel like I'd bust my face

  • Lonestar_Sapper

    Fucking hate these posts. Goofy girls = attention starved girls.

    • femtrooper

      So are the half naked girls in all the other posts.

    • Bob


    • JP13

      I don't hate them, but I really don't care for these goofy girl posts. I guess too many of the pics just feel a little forced. Some of these pictures might be fine in moderation, like in with other appropriate posts on here. I'm a lucky guy with a gorgeous and smart wife who is cool as shit, so I guess the idea of trying to simplify it to "goofy girls are awesome" is just awkward for me. Just stick to flbp, burning, humps, gaps, redheads, and all your funny & heartwarming shit

  • MajorTom

    #16 I think we need to see a gallery of "Girls who love…. squishy" Is it just me?

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