I have so many questions (35 Photos)

  • HeavyP

    I thought #33 was a joke…until I saw that the producer was Troma. Yep, that's real alright.

    • eggnog

      Wow. I want to get high and watch this.

    • Stick

      Best films in the world

    • Hazel

      My uncle owns Troma and he has supplied us with a lot of his movies over the years. They never cease to amaze me. Just when I think they have totally crossed the line they come out with something super sweet like Poultrygeist. Love your creativity uncle Lloydie!

    • Ninja Cricket

      It's on xfinity until 1/25, hurry while it's there.

  • jun

    #12 – Not only funny, but I've been to that tower (it's actually a water tower). It's way cooler in person and may have caused several erections of my own.

    • Joe

      It used to be a water tower. It's been fully converted to a home now. It's in Thorpeness on the coast of England. I used to live about a mile from here.

  • penguin slayer

    #22 kelly brooks please!

  • catfishblackbelt

    #1 "oh I just don't know" face is so funny.

  • jai

    #16 "where" is this place? I might need to check it out….

  • lfsg

    love #12 oh my! FLBP gives me a preposterous erection!

  • Amy

    #21 documenta 13 obviously

  • LBF 4 ever


  • BWaecker

    #33 hahaha I literally saw that like a week ago on Charter

    • Craigery


  • Jay


    They could open up to hiring men to deliver also, they'd be called "Ding Dongs"

  • oliverklosov

    #20 So I can't FAP to airplanes anymore?

  • Pants

    #22 Who the hell would choose shitty ass matter sticks over super awesome sexy time?

  • KyleGamgee

    #5 Yeah, I have no idea how he did that. WHERE is the camera?

    • jimbo

      It was hanging around his neck, then he 'shopped it out…

      • maoam

        actually: no.

  • ezwelchman

    #22 obviously the bread…..if I had access to unlimited olive garden bread, I'd be irresistible to women, making the first option an inevitable occurrence anyway

  • Kato

    #15 I knew it! Chad Kroeger is a guitar thief…

  • AnItalianChiver

    #18 Now play this she(e)t. Forcefully

  • Bob

    #17 was in Nicki Minaj?
    #22 sex duh!!!!

  • Bob

    #20 pew, pew, pew!

  • Mark S Man

    3 – Couldn't have said it better myself.

    22 – You're kidding, right?

    26 – You've answered your own question.

    #3 #22 #26

  • nuccabay

    #35 laughed way too hard

    • nuccabay


  • http://twhite6868.blogspot.com T White

    #15. Andy Dick has sunk to a new low.

  • Canucks_Rule

    #3 – tis a valid point. lol.

    #13 – i've seen this cereal too. can't mistake london drugs signs.

  • mitts281

    When did Popeye ever smoke the spinach in his pipe? He always just ate it out of the can didn't he?

  • dongaroo

    my girlfriend just started yelling because she took the photo at #12

  • Roland

    #22 Just one girl or several girls of my choosing? Because I'd have to hold an interview process to choose THE girl. I can't just waste it on some sloot who's not only been around the block, but basically around county line.

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