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KU girls support their athletics with boobs. Every college should do this (25 Photos)

Some genius student at University of Kansas thought it would be a great idea to create a website that not only posts the date and time of the next KU basketball/football game, but also selfies of the best boobs KU campus has to offer.

The idea had legs... or boob wheels? Either way, there's a lot more cleavage over at KU Boobs.

More at KU Boobs.

  • Thrill

    #14 shows me why Dean Smith went to KU

    "Everything I know about basketball, I learned at the University of Kansas" -Dean Smith

  • @B_Abt

    I didn't know there were mountains in Kansas

  • big nasty

    I love a nice butt. But there's nothing like a great set of boobs! And yes I am a Captain!

  • big nasty

    GO RAVENS!!!

  • willie

    Look at all them milk silos!!!!!

  • Joseph Mainwaring

    Is cup size something they consider as part of the admissions process?

  • CaptainFubar1

    That's it….I'm moving to Kansas!

  • Hemiman91


    • WSU

      *Misery, don't worry… I got your back.

    • JJ1536


  • Aaron Daniels

    Best. Recruiting tool. Ever.

    Who says Kansas is flat??

  • Tim

    and now i'm going to apply to KU.

  • Ryan

    they know how to grow em in Kansas

  • Jrmtiger

    Good thing they cut out all their faces… You would have had a total of 4 teeth between all of them.

    • aaa

      I think you are confusing Kansas with Arkansas or Missouri?

      • Cimmy Redmond

        I have all of my teeth, thanks.

    • Cimmy Redmond

      I have all of my teeth, thanks. And here's my face.

  • surewhynot

    Im absolutely 97% sure I know who this is. Know her verry well…

  • Mark

    @Royals_Boobs and @ChiefsBoobs are fine twitters too

  • xBigBossx

    BRB, going to visit KU for a few minutes…

  • Jrmtiger
  • Adrian

    god bless them all!!! gee i love boobs!

  • 40YOPERV

    WOW !!! They grow some big breasts in KS ! Now I need some KY !? pun …..

  • pannychous

    This is seriously one of the best collection of epic breasts Chive has posted. FLBP is great and all, but good Lord, almost all of these are AMAZING. Lovin' #14 especially.

  • Mark S Man

    There's just too many bras in KS, apparently.

    • Cimmy Redmond

      Mine are generally sans brassiere.

  • kiid

    Proud to be from Ks.. rock chalk and chive on!

  • Kyle Holt

    every college DOES do this and @MizzouBoobs is the champion

  • bradk

    Just booked my flight to Kansas

  • freezer boy

    I'll take a shot on #22

  • Mike

    genius pure genius

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