The s#^* you see on public transport (29 Photos)

The s#^* you see on public transport

  • shove

    Why so much hand in pants? Damn

    • JAPAN

      wtf is wrong with these people… wtf so weird!!

  • Baba Booey

    all these people must of come from walmart. Some real "winners"

    • Spelling Police

      *must have come – stay in school.

      • Baba Booey

        Well excuse the fuck out of me. Guess someone doesn't have anything better to do

        • c,mcew

          ^^attention walmart shoppers

  • dcg

    This should be called "the people who voted for obama"

    • lat297

      Really? So what you're really saying is that over 50% of the American population look like that?

      • lat298

        Pretty much

        • Wildcat


      • nader2016

        using there obama bucks on mass transit

        • lat297


        • catfishblackbelt

          nah, Bush was the guy handing out checks. well you know more than me, Nader was the reason Bush got into office.

      • Just Saying

        Yep. Sounds like an accurate description of "The American people."

    • Melson Pancakes

      How many of these people do you think are actually allowed to vote?

      • Pokes

        I don't know about other countries, but here in America, probably almost all of them…except for the Russians.

      • Curious

        Probably close to the same amount of people who are allowed to own guns when they shouldn't.

    • Jasmine Rice

      Probably more accurate to the call them the people who didn't vote at all.

    • gcd

      the people that voted period.

    • dirtysteve99

      #11 is pure Republican.

    • catfishblackbelt

      #28 looks like a Romney supporter; though the leash has too much freedom.

    • credible hulk

      go away!

    • @Ipp0J

      That's funny no matter what.

  • Danica SmashYA

    #11 all people need lovin'

    • ...

      At least his legs dont feel all that weight.

    • ARC

      "Get off i can feel my legs"

  • lat297

    #14 *you're

  • Mikeg01sf

    Next stop goofytown

  • RobTalk

    public transit*

  • WHAT

    #24…. a man shaving? That's not that odd.

    • Pokes

      Is that what he's doing? That's not too bad, I guess. I once saw a lady using an electric razor…on her face…while driving. Gross.

  • Schnizz56

    #6 Hey, Carlos, thanks for the heads up!!

    • Silverstone

      …and how about going back to class so you can learn how to spell!

      • Schnizz56

        Looks correct to me, chief!

        • ZachBob


          • Schnizz56

            I think they're using 'jizz' as a noun and not an adverb

  • Ben

    Meth not even once!

  • CD3

    i want to go on the subway and see this sh*t in person!

    • goforth

      Come to New York City! The majority of these pictures were taken on the NYC MTA and are indicative of the type of garbage I see on a regular basis. Be sure to soak your entire body in bleach afterwards.

  • Silverstone

    #21 Seems legit!

  • jshiver15


    I don't see an issue here, I mean . . she has orange hair, but she's still pretty cute. That's no reason to . . . wait . . what is . . huh . . MOTHER OF GOD!!

    • Anon

      I laugh because i did the exact same thing.

    • Bob25

      I'd get out some $1s and ask her if I could motorboat….

      • the devil

        Thank you…your comment just made my day!

    • Nbl

      I wud still fuck her

    • Phil

      Did the same thing haha, could go for MOAR of the orange hair girl though, definitely

  • Alex

    I know #19 is a costume but I'd still get the fuck off that tram as fast as possible

    • Telephone Man

      Cutie in the foreground!

      • sam

        she seems unaware of her immediate demise

  • Kalie

    #21 is from Edmonton, AB! He also usually carries a small plush racoon with him too. Made my day seeing him on here, thanks Chive!

    • Michele

      …that he probably has sex with. Apparently the raccoon from Pocahontas is a popular choice… *barf*

  • Nbree

    Aah.. The NYC subway system. What a treat.

  • WhoDoesThat?

    #4 Werk it, guuurl!

  • I Eats Bacon

    #11 Doesn't matter, got some action.

  • NebraskaGuy

    #8 W. T. F.??? I'll be glad when this fad is over!

    • Nbl

      I'll never see the day it is

    • Dan

      Prison bitch!

  • Jesus Christ

    #27 Up and down the tracks, not across.

  • Wakaflaca

    Two black people voted you down

  • Static

    i just threw up a little in my mouth….

  • cymru Am Buth

    #8 kick him in his ass, and see if he will catch you.

    • Ball


      I laughed a little bit too much there. Made my day.

    • Alex

      hahaha I think I have a new favorite game to play with dudes dressed like that!

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  • goforth


    Yep, that is Manhattan. I see this type of Savagery nearly every day. Absolutely reprehensible.

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