Animals that don’t suck (50 Photos)

  • Alfon07

    Hope Yogi gets better!

  • jamie

    #22 Pitbull attack lawsuit in 3..2..1 #45 I will murder you in your sleep !!

    • pitmom!!

      Shame on you for the comment about pits! Educate , don't discriminate!!!

      • SEA253

        Don't pull that pit owner bullshit on me. Any Fucktard in the world knows that the breed , regardless of how good the owner is, has the most documented attacks on other dogs and humans of ANY breed on earth. So go suck a dick and save your money for when your impending lawsuit summons arrives in the mail. Unless you have good homeowners insurance…..oh that's right , most companies won't insure a home with pit bulls . Hmmmmm??? I wonder why ??

        • MVICKisgod

          AGREE !!! 1000000000 %%%% & both ranked pitbulls as the #1 most dangerous breed. Thats why you dont see underground Labrador fighting or French bulldog UFC. So Pitmom you can suck it. Your argument is invalid!!!

  • Bob

    Hang in there Yogi!
    Where is the link to help out Yogi?

  • ECovE1224

    Get Well Yogi!! Good vibes coming your way…

  • Falthor

    #15 damn watch that cat.. the pike looks hungry.

  • Rick

    #18 same thing happened to our Doxie last year but lucky not that severe, KCCO guys especially Yogi. I would recommend, when cleared by the vet, that you take him to see a pet friendly chiropractor. I know it probably sounds weird, I thought the same when our vet mentioned it, but I think the spine realignment saved our dogs life. Even ask your vet prior to surgery if they think a chiro might help out first. Might save a lot of money in medical bills. Good luck guys, prayers headed your way from Dachshund lovers and loyal chivers, the wife and I.

  • HickoryHeel01

    [Please pardon the duplication, but I originally posted this in response to someone else's comment and wanted to be sure it was seen by Yogi's dad.]

    Our beautiful dapple miniature dachshund, Gretta, had emergency back surgery a little over three years ago for a herniated disc. Prior to the surgery, she crashed and burned quickly, just as you've described.

    After the surgery, her hind end was paralyzed for about a month. Glad to say, she is able to walk again and has been a mostly healthy, active part of our family ever since. She goes to rehab once a week (and has been doing so for the whole three years). She walks on an underwater treadmill and does other exercises with the therapist, who has been an absolute Godsend. And, yes, it's all very costly, as you said. I don't regret one penny we've spent, though. I couldn't live with myself if we had done any less than we could do.

    Watching my little dog go through the whole ordeal was very difficult, but watching her persevere has been a blessing. Whatever life throws her way, she just deals with it. I've become so close to that dog, I can't even explain it. She's an inspiration to me.

    She'll never walk normally (though she gets around just fine) and will always have some bladder control issues, but she's still our little girl and we love her a lot. I don't know what I'd have done if we had lost her.

    Hang in there, my friend. Good luck to you and Yogi! Here's to happier, better days ahead.

    PS: If there's anyone in your area that does the underwater treadmill therapy for dogs, I highly recommend it.

  • Jeff

    # 17 Same thing happened to my dog. Emergency laminectomy. Has to be done immediately or the damage is permanent. It sounds like they have caught it in time (with my dog, it was almost too late). My dog came through it with flying colors. The very next day he was fine…and he was one hurting pup beforehand. Of course, his back was shaved and the staples were ugly, but that was 6 years ago. 6 years I would not have had him and he is still going strong today.

    It cost more than my first car and it was worth every penny.

  • Kris

    #5 I'm kindof mad, yet jealous over the chive merchandise. I've only been able to get one t shirt.

  • George

    To the Dachshund guy….I'm on my third one and the other two lived to be 17 and 14….please do yourself a favor (if you haven't already) get stairs for the couch and the bed….my 17 year old had the same problem yours has but not as extreme and after that we learned to never pcik them up other than by the butt and also do NOT let them jump….Good luck to you….my best wishes….

  • Jim

    #5 Fuck all you guys I can't even get ONE FUCK'N BFM SHIRT!!! FUCK

    • DrWho

      looks like they only have 1 BFM shirt in that pile.

  • Irish777

    #40 I just shit in this guys hand

  • tkk


    Hey Yogi! My family's dachshund had to have back surgery a long time ago for a slipped disc, too. He was up and running around again a couple weeks later and lived a very long and very happy life afterward 🙂 hang in there Yogi and family! 🙂 KCCO!

  • Jezza67

    #22 needs a cape.

  • Brenden

    #18 we also had the same issue with our 6 year old daschund. Not being able to afford surgery We put her on what the vet called "crate rest therapy" for 10 weeks, she made a full recovery and now can run and play with the rest of em. Hit me back if you would like any info on it. Kcco, your little hound will make it through!

  • Heelboy

    #41 Whoever the photogarapher was I hope they had enough sense to recognize that Rotty bearing her teeth! I saw that and i would be getting the fudge out of Dodge!

  • wes

    #18 – We also had a dachshund develop rear leg problem and could not use her hind legs the next day.
    Annie was about 5 years old. Vet recommended surgery, but we found a canine physical therapist. There is such a certification. He worked ultra sound with her and swam her in a swimming pool. 6 treatments and $400 later she was fine and has not had another problem. Our Annie is now 8.

  • FedoraDave


    I love how the third cat in the window just looks, does a ho-hum and resumes looking out the window.

  • Stick


  • Karen

    #16 This looks very dangerous for the little dog. I hope they don't really travel like this.

  • nuccabay

    #44 looks like the buff hamster from family guy

  • Mizz

    #18 happy positive vibes to Yogi, I hope he pulls through. Our shih tzu had a similar problem, one day he just wouldn't get up. We didn't get it, until my sister picked him up and cradled him like a baby, we saw that his head was lolling around like he couldn't lift it. One trip to the vet later and we found out he had a collapsed vertebrae in his neck. Surgery was iffy at best, and even if he would have made it he would have been in severe pain the rest of his life, he was 14 by then. 😦 I'm sad that my parents didn't want to try, but he also had lived a very full happy life.

    I wish you the best, and hope to see pics on the Chive when Yogi gets better! ^_^

    KCCO my friend ❤

  • verdant_waves

    #18 Feel better soon, Yogi!

  • Luv TnA

    Hey Chive I want #1

  • DAVE B


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