He wanted a pizza oven, So by God he made himself one (16 Photos)


  • Dan

    Step 2 – Build restaurant around pizza oven.
    Step 3 – ???
    Step 4 – Profit.

    • Brian

      Hahaha, love it!

  • ChodeLauncher

    And why was it built in the woods?

  • von Mises

    Get to know him. You'll need to know more people like him after the Obama total economic collapse.

  • Brian

    Hats off to this guy but it seems like a ridiculous amount of work to make a pizza.

  • Josh

    i wanna be retired =[

  • acura

    if you scroll from the bottom up a pizza oven gets turned into a whole!!

  • Patrick

    Dude I can sell you a complete kit or one that is on a rolling cart deliver it and install it for 1/10 of the time and effort

  • Canucks_Rule

    #16 – cool.

  • Lyin King

    And he will only use it that one time and then it shall collect debris here on after.

  • nursenicki

    You think this oven is nice, you should see the other one (and book 'em while you can still afford them): http://standardpizzaco.com

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